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Beloved Avatar Paramahansa Yogananda, the great 20th century Bhakta, a Master of intense devotion, is so many things to so many people, among them a multi-faceted artist of colossal creativity, sharing with all the ultimate art of expressing the Heart of Divinity.

A God-intoxicated bard, he composed the Cosmic Chants, a treasury of ecstatic Divine love songs of melodious light for this era, to resurrect and show the way to Blissful Reunion.

In his best selling Autobiography Of A Yogi Paramahansaji reveals the purpose of true artistry: "In India, music, as well as painting and drama, is considered a divine art. Indian music is a subjective, spiritual, and individualistic art, aiming not at symphonic brilliance but at personal harmony with the Oversoul. The deeper aim of the early rishi-musicians (enlightened sages) was to blend the singer with the Cosmic Song." (Chapter 15)

Called Raga and Kirtan in India, Spiritualized music can awaken divine love and attune the listener and performer with omnipresent uplifting vibrations and healing energies, spreading harmony and peace to all. A perpetual cascade of grace flows in the spiritualized music of Yoganandaji ever ready to immerse the singer in abundant blessings.

As a musician and disciple it is a great honor and deep joy to play the music of the Guru, striving with love, devotion and surrender to commune with the Inner Musical Source. When performing I have chosen the name Mejda Mukunda Das which means servant of Mejda Mukunda, the childhood name of Parahansaji as second elder brother. In a broad sense, all of his disciples are Mejda Dasses, together serving our omnipresent Guru in countless varied and interesting ways.

Liquid Fire is the name of my ensemble, a term used by Guruji in a Gita passage referring to Kriya Yoga pranayam meditation. Mejda Das and Liquid Fire performs mystic music from spiritual traditions around the world including Cosmic Chants, Hindu bhajans, classical Indian ragas, Christian hymns, Sufi, Korean, Buddhist, Native American, Zoroastarian sacred songs, mantras, kirtan, new age and original devotional compositions. The ensemble features an inspired fusion of sounds and instruments including vocal, harmonium, tabla, sarod, fretless bass, guitar, flute, percussion, piano, viola, tambura, sitar. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area the group appears at festivals, retreats, yoga centers, spiritual occasions, weddings, body/mind/spirit organizations. We hope you can join us for a devotional concert and chanting at an upcoming event.

Website: http://www.geocities.com/mejdadas/
Maillist: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mejdadas/
Calendar: http://www.yogafinder.com/yoga.cfm?yoganumber=19854
Contact: 650.224.4790, patryanscj /at/ yahoo.com.

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