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Paramahansa Yogananda and Bradford Lewis
Photo courtesy of John and Brenda Lewis-Rosser

Brenda Lewis-Rosser is the author of Treasures Against Time
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A Divine Friendship Beyond Time

Paramahansa Yogananda and Mary Lou Edwards Wonderful book describing Paramahansa Yogananda written by an Atlanta devotee

Hinduism Invades America (1930)

Chapter 6 is about
Paramahansa Yogananda
(Sent by Nick)

Lahiri Mahasaya project

Preserving the works of Lahiri Mahasaya

Song of the Morning Ranch

Founded by Yogacharya Oliver Black


New and Updated Businesses

Brother Craig Marshall, life coaching, weddings, more. . .(Services)

India Unveiled by Robert Arnett to India (Authors)
Holiday special 2017
$38 each only (Retail and Amazon price $65)

UPDATED! Walking in the Guru's Footsteps to India (Pilgrimages)
UPDATED! Master's Darshan Pilgrimages to India (Pilgrimages)
UPDATED! Lotus Petals Pilgrimages to India (Pilgrimages)
UPDATED! Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to Guruji's India (Pilgrimages)
UPDATED! Saranya’s new Soul Calls Music (Musicians)

New! Earthwalks, desert experiences (Places)

New! Book: The Yoga of Happiness by Will Roberts (Authors)

New! Book: Facereading by Barbara Roberts (Authors)

New! Game: Arjuna Card Game by Teri Harbour (Products)

New! Denise Bendl, M.A., Counseling Sessions (Servces)
New! Chants booklet from SRF devotees of Boston Center
New! Pilgrimages to India by Ramanathan (Pilgrimages)
New! SRF Three Metal Bangle Repair (Services)
New! Iinteractif.com Website services (Services)
New! The art of Karen Jones, paintings Yogananda (Artists)

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Doctor Lewis Chants
Rajarsi Janakananda Website & Rajarsi Home (jpg), Facebook
Supreme Swan - Inspiring Devotee Gifts
SRF Retirement Community in Prescott Valley, Arizona (Places)
Devotee to Devotee Excellent links and other devotee information
Devotee Message Board
Binary Research Institute, scientific evidence for Sri Yukteswar's analysis of the world cycles
Autobiography of a Yogi Interactive Map
"How to" video for playing the harmonium (Musicians)
Convocation Photos
The Meditation Shop on Etsy (Artists)
Lake Shrine Condo for Rent (Places)
SRF - Yogananda Magnetic Art (Products)

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Don Bird
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Convocation 2018
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The Autobiograph of a Yogi Trivia Quiz

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Financial Help for Ex-Monks and Nuns

Katherine and I are administering a program that provides financial assistance to working SRF ex monks and nuns who were renunciants for at least ten years.

This assistance is available during the first year of separation from the SRF order. If you know someone who might qualify and who might benefit from this program, please have them contact us at:

brianatns@msn.com -or-


Brian and Katherine Schmidt








OM Love in the Sky Above Mother Center

The above photo was taken on Thursday of Convocation, 2004. Devotees, many whom have served all week, serve to take down the tents, move chairs and other activities at Mother Center after the pilgrimages end. After the activities were completed, there was a service in the chapel. After the service, as devotees were leaving, this appeared in the sky. It was also above the Bonaventure. Originally it said "MOM" with a heart. Mom... Divine Mother, Sri Daya Mata... our own mothers... all mothers...


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