Smart Student

It's a regular class at a university. Forum type, 300 to 400 students. The teacher is notoriously nasty with people who are tardy and he has a policy that when he says, "STOP", you stop taking your exam. Well one day he yells "STOP!" All the students stop and turn their tests in, except for one.

So the teacher thinks, "OK, I'll let him keep going to waste his time." Five minutes pass and the late student walks up and tries to turn in his paper. But the professor says, "Sorry I can't take your paper."

"Why not?" asks the student.

"Because you're late." the professor replies.

The student is getting angry, "Do you know who I am?"

"No." he replies after giving the student a once over.

The student raises his voice, "I said, Do you know who I AM?"

The nonchalant professor sticks to his guns. "No."

So the student grabs the stacks of tests, shoves his test in the middle of the pile and walks off.