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Yogananda African-American A geographically indexed business network directory for SRF members who have websites or pages explaining a service or product they sell. Helping all of us to discover what we can offer to each other if the need arises

Share Divine Love, daily spiritual wallpaper

There is a man named Esa that has been covering Master's God Talks With Arjuna live on his internet radio show. He is just finishing up book one soon to be in book two. I have really enjoyed listening to the show and it is another great way to study the Gita. The show runs for 2 hours. You can stream it through iTunes or another audio program that you may have. It is a live show and no repeats or downloads so you'd have to catch it live.

6-8 pm Pacific
9-11 pm Eastern

Go to the website and click listen shortly before the show comes on, you should hear music streaming through your audio player. When his show starts, it will sound like an asian flute playing over etheric music.

-thanks to Ellyn

This is a funny one. Our Guru has been recognized as a figure of the vegetarian elite!
Nice video to watch:

Thanks to Hélène

My partner and I have created a video of our Guru, as the Nature video footage and photos that are available on the internet.

The composer of the song, Eden Ahbez, was a student of Yogananda, and he wrote an article on mysticism for Self Realization magazine in 1948. In fact - it's been widely rumored that the song Nature Boy was written about Master. (A direct disciple has said so.)

I hope you enjoy the photographs and film footage of our Guru - set to the music of the song Nature Boy, from our recent cd "Dharma Buds".

Jai guru,

Dennis Kerr

2008 SRF Tour


Scriptural Study Group

As you are aware that, Guruji, has offered us all the techniques we need for salvation and it is up to us to follow them. Brother Chidananda in the Convocation 2006, on the topic "Balancing Our Material and Spiritual Goals" stated Guruji's program:

1. Meditation,
2. Right action or service,
3. Physical exercise,
4. Study the teachings,
5. Introspection.

Amongst others we need to make renewed efforts to study the teachings. Study is one of the pillars of these teachings. Sister Nanita in question & answer session of Convocation 2007 said that everything we need is in the Bhagavad Gita, the Second Coming, and the lessons. Keep reading and studying. Get his knowledge inside so when you need it, it will be there.

Guruji has given us two beautiful scriptures – the splendid commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible. Guruji says that the entire knowledge of the cosmos is packed into the Geeta. Wherever one is on the way back to God, the Gita will shed its light on that segment of the journey.

We have formed this study group to encourage us all to have a group study of the scriptures.
As a member of YSS/SRF, this invitation has been extended to you.

Please join us in studying these holy scriptures and use this forum to discuss doubts, and motivate each other in regular scriptural studies.

Please restrict your postings and discussions to the 2 books only...

1. God Talks With Arjuna (GTWA)

2. The Second Coming Of Christ (SCOC)

A member can make an effort to read minimum ONE LINE, (Maybe at random) from the scriptures and IF he/she thinks its an important point then share it with the group.
One can read a paragraph (Maybe at random), and IF he/she thinks that the 5 line paragraph has 2 lines worth sharing or 1 line or the entire paragraph worth sharing, then please feel free to share accordingly.

The idea is to make the "Scripture Reading" a daily habit.

Of course, sometimes, if you didn't have time to read and hence could not post, its ok, too..:)


Click on the following link:


Jim Ballard blog, my purpose is to provide spiritual coaching to readers

Roam With OM Photos, video pilgrimage to YSS ashrams

Spiritual Tide, Website, blog by Marlea

Spirituality & Alternative Healing Many nice links to SRF oriented sites and material

Internet Altar with links to SRF related material

Links to SRF related sites from Allan Smith

Rajarsi Janakananda Photos of the crypt of Rajarsi Janakananda in Kansas City

Yogananda club An effort to form a platform for SRF/YSS devotees. All are invited to visit and post their messages there.

A beautiful picture of Paramahansa Yogananda

Worldwide Online Prayer Circle The devotees of the SRF Devotee Bulletin Board have started a Prayer Circle. Please join us in posting prayer requests, praying for others and practicing the SRF healing technique. A small group of us have begun practicing the technique at 9:30 PST nightly, if you want to join us. Also, the SRF official site now has a prayer request button. Please join us in praying for the world and those individuals in need.

SRF Trivia Contest online about the Autobiography of a Yogi

Doug Couch's web site Lots of SRF related information

Paramahansa Yogananda Theme forWindows Download the latest version of the Paramahansa Yogananda Theme forWindows here. Features Cursors, Icons, Background, Sound and a ScreenSaver!

Devotee Photos from Evelyn

SRF explained, from the University of Virginia

Ramana Maharshi film with Paramahansa Yogananda a web site that is selling a silent b/w video with footage of Ramana Maharshi from 1935 - 1950, which has footage of Guruji meeting him. It may be the same footage as that included in 'Glimpses of a Life Divine'. Its 'The Archival Films' video near the bottom of the page. From Jolyon.

Greg's SRF Pages

Allan Smith Web site

Veronica S.

Linda Sue Grimes:
Maya Shedd's Temple: Literary Home of Linda Sue Grimes

Manoj D'Souza

Bill McDonald, "The Vietnam Experience" web site

Photos SRF Encinitas Hermitage 2001

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Definition of: Paramahansa Yogananda

Thoughts For You A weekly inspirational quotation and reflections, from Allen Schmeltz

An online prayer group If you know someone who could use some help or if you yourself could use some help, send your names to this address requesting prayer. A group of friends will pray for you everyday. Feel free to add as many name to the list, and if you would like to receive an updated list to pray for these dear souls yourself ask to be added to the prayer group list.

Mahatma Gandhi

Angels A beautiful visual page of inspiration

Animal Blessing Site A lovely web page dedicated to Saint Francis and his love for all of God's creatures as remembered by the annual Blessing of the Pets ceremony that takes place in the fall. Thanks to supreme cat lover, Jeanne

A smile for you A page full of smiles! Helps on your way to become a smile millionaire!

Encinitas Today, Information about Encinitas, California


Virus And Urban Legend Warning Verification

More often than not the Virus is a hoax or urban legend. I believe that you should check these out before passing the information on to anyone. To forward on wrong information is not doing anyone a service. You can check out these warnings at the following sites.

Thanks to David for the following information...

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center Virus hoaxes

USDE Internet Hoaxes

Computer Virus Myths

The Urban Legend Combat Kit

Internet Virus Antidote Internet hoax virses

Urban Legends and Folklore from

Yahoo Hoaxes and Urban Legends

Hoax warnings

The following site will take you to the Symantec pages where you can investigate information on current real and active viruses

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center Virus and Hoax Encyclopedia