Elvis Presley

The following is part of an article in the August 2005 issue of the magazine Ladies' Home Journal titled Elvis: His Secret Spiritual Search, pps. 126-131. In the prelude to the article, it states, "In an exclusive excerpt from their new book, "Elvis by the Presleys" (Crown Publishers, 2005) the singer's wife, Priscilla, daughter, Lisa Marie, and other close family members recall Elvis's personal search for spiritual fulfillment."

Elvis and Self-Realization Fellowship
CD Review - Frankie And Johnny


George Harrison

George Harrison dedicated this song to Master in 1976
Dear One

Harrison Single Also To Aid SRF

Who Are Those People and Images on the Cover of Sgt. Pepper?

The Beatles album, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, was released 40 years ago, and a great movie has been released to celebrate this (across the universe).
The gurus of Self-Realization Fellowship are among the people on the album cover! (November, 2007)

The Gurus of Sergeant Pepper (The Beatles)


Judy Collins

The New Sun Newspaper


Heinrich Hofmann

Heinrich Hofmann Painter of Christ, Prints


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs's Secret to Greatness: Yogananda (from Inc.)


Kamala Silva

Kamala Silva

Mary Isabelle Buchanan was first called "Kamala" by Swami Yogananda in 1925. She remained a devout supporter of her Guru for her entire life.


The 3 Kings and the Autobiography of a Yogi (Harrison, Jobs, Presley)

Paramhansa Yogananda's nephew, Hari Krishna Gosh, reminisces on his life with the great Master

Tom Petty laid to rest at California yoga shrine (click here, from Veronica)