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Lotus Petals Spiritual Journeys Martha Rather India  
Maitrepa K C Nishant India  
Master’s Darshan Tours Craig Bell India


Quiet Heart Pilgrimages Brenda Roberts India  
Roam With Om Tara Messier India  
Ronald Mann Ronald Mann India  
Travel in Himalayas Arjun India  
Walking in the Guru's Footsteps Aram India  
Ramanathan Ram India  
Assisi, Saint Francis, Saint Clare Ingrid Henzler Italy On demand, contact the operator


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2016 - 2017 "Walking in the Guru's Footsteps" India Pilgrimage

Please contact me directly if you have questions, need more information, or are seriously interested and would like a registration form.

In divine friendship,
James Aram
Email for inquiries: jparam@gmail.com
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/India.Pilgrimage/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IndiaWithAram

Master’s Darshan ToursKumbha Mela Announcement

Email Craig Bell

Masters Darshan Tours Presents


Please feel free to contact me at (760) 815-4048 or email me at this address or at Indiatours108@gmail.com.

In Divine Love and Friendship,

Master's Darshan Tours

General Overview

Each pilgrimage begins in New Delhi and upon arrival on the morning of the 1st of February, you will be met at the International Airport by our representative and transferred to our hotel in Gurgoan. Here you will spend the day rejuvenating and have the opportunity to visit important spiritual centers and historical sites, such as: Akshardham Temple, and the beautiful Sikh Temple. You will also have some time for last minute shopping before your journey.

On the morning of the 2nd, we will drive back to Delhi to take a flight to the city of Bhuvaneshwar. There, we will be met and driven by Tempo on a scenic drive through rice fields and palm trees, all the way to Puri. Upon arrival, you will check into a beautiful seaside resort, located on the sands of the Bay of Bengal. This luxury hotel has a large swimming pool and lawn area for relaxation and a wonderful spa facility for massage and pedicures. This is a great place to be pampered and relax. After breakfast, you will take a short drive to the seaside ashram of our Param Guru Swami Sri Yukteshwar. Here you will bathe in Sri Yukteshwar's holy vibrations. We will meditate in the samadhi mandir holding the body of Sri Yukteshwar. Gurnji and Sri Yukteshwar spent many days together at this ashram.

The city is considered one the holiest cities in India, for it is the site of the famous Jaganath Temple. Many saints have lived in this ancient city, including our Lord Jesus Christ during his missing years. Sri Daya Mataji said that the predominant presence in the temple is of Jesus. Puri is a great place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Each day we will have group meditations and energization. There are open air markets on the beach each evening for those who would like to experience the local culture.

In the afternoon of Feb 4th, we will be met and transferred to the Bhuvaneshwar airport, to catch an afternoon flight to Kolkata. Upon arrival, we will be immediately transferred to the Y.S.S. Dakshineshwar Ashram. Early the next morning you will take a short walk to the famous Kali Temple mentioned in the Autobiography of a Yogi. Outside the inner temple of Kali, while sitting in the hot sun, Guruji had a vision of the Divine Mother. In addition the famous saint Ramakrishna lived here for many years. You will then have an opportunity to meditate in the great saint's bedroom.

Each and every day is filled with great joy as we visit all of Master's places mentioned in the A of Y. You will take a scenic boat ride on the Ganges to Serampore. Upon our arrival, you will walk to Rai Ghat Lane where Babaji appeared to Sri Yukteshwarji. A short walk up this lane leads us to Sri Yukteshwar's ashram and family home. Next, you will walk about two blocks to visit Ananda Lok. This is the where Guruji lived in his uncle's home while attending Serampore College. You will meet the family and meditate in Guruji's room. You will then return to the ashram by boat in time for the evening meditation and dinner.

Your next day is filled with unbelievable joy as you will visit Guruji's boyhood home at 4 Gurpar Rd. You will have the opportunity to meditate in Guruji's attic room, where he first found God. The group will listen to stories told by family members and have the opportunity to purchase pictures from the their photo album. After your visit, you will walk around the block to Guruji's first meditation hall. Here Master danced in ecstasy. Right next door, is the home of Tulsi, the boyhood friend of Guruji. This is a most amazing place. Like a museum, it holds many special memories and artifacts from Guruji and Sri Yukteshwar's life. Many famous saints have visited this home.

Next you will visit the Levitating Saints home and ashram mentioned in the A of Y. and then later you will visit Mother Tereasa's home and ashram. Here Mother's body is enshrined and we will have the joy of visiting a beautiful museum dedicated this great soul's life. If time permits, we will also visit 50 Amhearst Way where Master Mahashaya lived.

On the 9th we will take an early morning flight to Varanasi. Banares is the city of Shiva and is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth. Your hotel, is located near Lahiri Mahashaya's home, just feet away from the holy Ganges. When asked?, many devotees say that this is one of the most memorable destinations of the pilgrimage. Each morning, the silence is broken by the sounds of priests chanting mantras, ringing bells and blowing their conch shells. The air is filled with the smell of incense wafting through the air as the many worshipers perform their morning prayers. You will take a morning boat ride upon holy river and after your optional bath in the Ganges, we will meditate and chant as the sun rises over the Ganga. We will then return to the hotel for breakfast and prepare for our visit to the many sacred places of this city.

The next day we will visit Sarnath. After enlightenment, the Lord Buddha came to this town to give his first sermon. It is an amazing historical site. We will visit Deer Park and a museum filled with relics from this sacred era. Later that afternoon, you will return to the hotel for free time and relaxation. Varanasi is famous for their silks and is great place to shop.

On the afternoon of the 10th, we will take a flight back to Delhi in time for dinner, shopping and sightseeing. Late that evening we will take a first class train to Corbett National Park. Arriving on the 11th.


After taking the overnight train to the Kathgodam Station, you will be met and driven to Corbett National Park, a wild life sanctuary located about eight hours east of Delhi. We will be spending two days and one night is this peaceful jungle setting, just to relax and melt into India. The group will be staying at a lovely resort located on the banks of the Kosi river. In the morning, and or afternoon, you will be able to take elephants into the jungle to look for the elusive Bengal Tiger. You will also have plenty of time to just relax or take time to be pampered with a soothing professional massage.
In the past, while on safari, groups have enjoyed viewing some of the amazing wild life, found in this magical place. Previous groups have seen spotted deer, large Sambhar deer, peacocks, wild boar, pythons, monitor lizards, crocodiles, wild elephants, a King Cobra and an occasional tiger.


The next afternoon, you will take a scenic drive through the Himalayan Foothills to our Y.S.S. Dwarahat Ashram. Here you will spend the next few days feeling the deep peace and presence of God. Here you will enjoy ashram life as you have the opportunity to join group meditations, and classes given by our monastics. On the second full day, we will be taking a pilgrimage to Mahavatar Babaji's Cave. This is considered to be the place where Kriya Yoga was given to the world over a hundred and fifty years ago. While walking through the Drona Giri hills, Lahiri Mahashaya met his beloved Babaji. His eternal Guru. Many devotees can attest to the high spiritual vibration of this sacred area. On the late morning of Feb 15th, we will take an approximate 7 hour drive through the amazing foothills to our secluded Ganga Riviera camp, situated on the banks of the holy Ganges.

We will arrive at camp in the late afternoon and we will have a delicious dinner prepared for us. This camp will have some of the best food on the whole tour. You may use this time relaxing, river rafting, swimming, hiking or just sitting under the stars sipping a cup of chai. Each day here and throughout our entire pilgrimage, we will practice group energization, chanting and meditation. This camp has western toilets and hot and cold showers and large tents with cots and wicker chairs to relax by the holy Ganga.

The next morning we will drive approximately two hours to the sacred city of Rishikesh. We will check into our lovely guesthouse located on the banks of the holy Ganges.

Each day will be filled with so many wonderful places to see in Rishikesh. There are many temples and ashrams in this sacred city along the banks of the Ganges. At night we will attend an evening arati where 100 monks chant and worship the holyMother Ganga.

On the morning of the third day we will take an hours drive to the holy city of Haridwar. We will visit the ashram of Swami Keshavananda, also mentioned in the A of Y. Keshavanandaji was the direct disciple of Lahiri Mahashaya. Lahiri’s ashes are enshrined in this peaceful ashram along the Ganges.
Next we will drive about 10 minutes to the lovely ashram of Sri Ananandamoy Ma. I am sure you recall her picture in the A of Y with embracing Guruji. She is possibly the most famous woman saint of India. Her vibration is very tangible since she lived in this ashram for many years. We will have the opportunity to meditate in her Samadhi Shrine. We will stop for lunch before returning to our guesthouse in Rishikesh.

The next day after breakfast, we will fly to Delhi and later that evening have dinner before heading for the airport for your flight to America.


TOUR COSTING: $3870 double occupancy -
Single occupancy add $625

Ranchi Ashram, click for a larger imageCosting Includes:

Not included in tour costing:

Please feel free to contact me by September 1st for any questions you might have. After this date, you may email me at Indiatours108@gmail.com . I will be in India awaiting your arrival.

Jai Guru!!!!

In Divine Friendship
Craig Bell (815-4048)
Owner and Tour leader of Master's Darshan Tours

For more details please contact Craig Bell of Masters Darshan Tours at (760) 815-4048 and visit our Website at www.mastersdarshan.com

Maitrepa Maitrepa Logo

Maitrepa is a spiritual tour operator in India which caters to domestic and international spiritual travellers. Our long list of spiritual travel destinations and world-class service ensures customer delight. At Maitrepa, our understanding of the different needs of spiritual travellers helps us meet these needs without fail. If you want to explore spiritual destinations in India and want a hassle free, smooth journey, Maitrepa is the right choice.

Phone: +91-95007 68635, 98332 76185

For customer query: customersupport@maitrepa.com
For corporate query: nishantkc@maitrepa.com
Website: www.maitrepa.com

Kriya Yoga India Tour
Kriya Yoga India Tour is a package tour of 28 days and 27 nights.

The itinerary has been carefully designed keeping in mind, the needs of practitioners of Kriya Yoga who would like to make a pilgrimage to the places associated with the four most important Kriya Gurus namely, Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda.

The tour begins and terminates in New Delhi. The tour leaders for this package tour are long-term YSS/SRF devotees. They, along with our experienced travel guides, ensure that you have the best travel experience.
For more information, please follow the link below


Roam With Om

Pilgrimages to India

Sacred YSS & SRF Journeys

Atithi Devo Bhav- The guest is God.


Watch a 3 minute video tour peek at my Website Roam With Om for bespoke personal travel to Master's Shrines and Ashrams.

Love to you
Om Shanti Om

Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to Guruji's India

Coordinator and Escort: Brenda Roberts

Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India!
Email: QuietHeart.India@gmail.com


A Journey of the Heart…
Quiet Heart Pilgrimages To India!

Semi-Private pilgrimages
Exclusively for men and women SRF/YSS Kriyaban Disciples

Pranams, Dear Ones of Guruji,

Please begin by watching the 4-minute video on www.quietheartpilgrimages.com, then take your time and go through the rest of the website at your leisure and interest level.

Whether this is the right pilgrimage service for you, or not, there is a lot to learn and think about!

Jai Guru!
Coordinator and escort of over 40 pilgrimages to Guruji’s beloved India

PS: In this Covid era, it is impossible to predict when the next pilgrimage will be. If you are an SRF/YSS Kriyaban and would like to be on the Quiet Heart Notification email list, send me an email and I’ll be happy to let you know the latest! QuietHeart.India@gmail.com

Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D.Ronald Mann

Dr. Ron Mann Tour Guide

Tour Price per person on twin sharing basis : USD $3555
Tour Price on Single Occupancy basis : USD $4790
Reduce USD 550 in case stay at YSS Ashram in Kolkata ( Dakshineshwar ) and Ranchi.
Space Limited: $500 deposit to secure your place required by August 1, 2012.

Tour Price does not include:

Tour Price includes: Quick Response CodeDr. Ron Mann has been a devotee and Kriyaban for thirty-four years. He has previously traveled to India and led international group tours. He will create a safe, harmonious, and organized group with like-minded devotional individuals. Please contact me with any questions at mannr@ronmann.com. View my website at www.ronmann.com

Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D.
Peak Performance Coaching

Lotus Petals Spiritual Journeys
Email Martha

Lotus Petals Spiritual Journeys
Now is the time to consider joining my next Pilgrimage to India. It will have been two years since my last trip to India. I am so excited to see the new changes and to see my old friends. I love going every other year because it keeps it exciting and fresh for me. The tour company (owned by a YSS member) that handles our arrangements has now won awards for customer satisfaction. So we will have no worries!

Fall 2016 Pilgrimage

I am planning an SRF/YSS Pilgrimage for this coming Oct. 25 - Nov. 18, 2016.

I would like to extend an invitation to others to join this special pilgrimage. Couples are welcome, but all must be devotees.

This Itinerary has been developed by me and some others who have traveled with me before. It includes a week traveling in Southern India to visit many wonderful sites that Yogananda would want to visit, like Vivekananda's memorial at the tip of India, Auroville, the shrine of Sri Aurobindo and many other historical sites. Then we will continue to Kolkata, staying at the YSS ashram in Dakshineswar and visiting all those places mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi. During the last week, we will go to Ranchi for their Convocation, called Sharad Sangam, and participate in their Kriya Initiation ceremony.

There is a lot more to this trip than this brief paragraph. Here is an attachment with a bit more information. For more information, contact me at my email - martyrather@comcast.net

The cost for this tour will be based on the actual expenses, divided by number of participants. For your comfort and safety we will use a government certified guide who is a devotee. I have been leading tours since 2004, but do not go every year. This will be my 9th tour.

Visiting India continues to be such a wonderful experience. I feel so at home there. I feel like I see Master's eyes in the eyes of the children everywhere. Now I am getting carried away with my emotions. I know Master will inspire compatible people to join with me and the others who will be traveling with me again.

In Divine Friendship,
Martha Rather

PDF Document for the pilgrimage

2016 Lotus Petals Spiritual Journeys


Video Series of Mahavatar Babaji's Cave

You can find my 4 part video series (I really got into it) by searching for videos under the name - martyrather

You Tube videos of Mahavatar Babaji's Cave

1. Babaji's cave: Preparing

2. Babaji's cave: Hiking

3. Babaji's cave: Meditating

4. Babaji's cave: Leaving

I hope you enjoy these videos, and you can make comments there as well. Or you can watch them on Facebook by friending Martha Rather.

Jai Guru!

Highlights of the trip include:
YSS Center in Delhi
YSS Center in Ranchi
Special Services of the Mahasamadhi of Yogananda and also Sri Yukteswar in Ranchi
Visiting the birthplace of Sri Krishna
Taj Mahal and Agra Fort
Foothills of the Himalayas in Springtime
YSS ashram in Dwarahat
Hike to Babaji's cave

We will stay in modern hotels near the YSS ashrams.
Minimum of 7 to maximum of 10 participants for this tour.
Or Private tours can be arranged.

TRAVEL TIPS now available at http://lotuspetalspiritualjourneys.blogspot.com/

"Your Comfort and safety is my primary concern -- so that your Spiritual Growth can be Your primary concern." -- Marty

Martha Rather
Brentwood, TN 37027

Email lrn_in@yahoo.com

Ram Website

SRF Renunciants

Jai Guru & Namaste, My Dear Spiritual Brethren !

It was an awesome year in 2018 for various reasons!

The highlights are:

1) India Pilgrimage in December 2018 was the visit to non-eating saint Giri Bala's village Biur. It was so good thinking of Guruji & Team with their trustworthy Ford! The pictures and mini videos can be found at: http://www.leatherwolf.net/GiriBala

2) Reviving the long forgotten friendship with an awesome Dentist Dr. Senthil Kumar at my hometown Chennai. I have some dental issues and was looking for one efficient and honest dentist. I got Dr. SK's phone number and he invited me to his clinic. And I got so good care I can't explain in words. And the charges ? So low in compared to what I had been co-paying with my insurance! More at the end of this E-Mail.

3) Planning another India Pilgrimage in October for a few weeks starting from Saturday 5th October 2019. Everyone who knows me knows that I have no fixed payment structure. Pay-as-you-go depending on one's budget. If anybody is interested please E-Mail me and text me at (760) 474 – 3953. I also want to tell that at the end of the India Pilgrimage the devotee(s) can stay back for any required dental treatment. And then, even if I am not accompanying you to India, still I would do all possible arrangements like pick up at airport, hotel reservations, treatment appointments, etc., etc. at NO COST. Just as an external expression of my Love to Guruji!

Thanking you all and have a Wonderful 2019 !

Jai Guru & Namaste, My Spiritual Brethren !


Another beautiful year started and plans are on for India Pilgrimage in the coming fall. First of all I would like to expose the great accomplishments done by our YSS Devotee Dentist Dr. Senthil Kumar. Having known him since over 15 years or so I had my second pleasant experience when I visited his dental clinic again after nearly a decade.

The state of the art technology facilities are available at his place for dental treatments. Being also a consultant to many other reputed dental facilities in Chennai, India he has gained valuable experience to successfully treat any oral complications. The very appreciable quality in him is his sense of service and kind heart to make the service affordable to anyone and everyone. Before visiting India Skype consultations and treatment options can be arranged at no cost as an external expression of his love to Guruji.

On my request he has sent me two following videos which are self explanatory:



I would like to take this opportunity to inform my spiritual brethren about my availability for India Pilgrimage between Saturday 6 October 2019 until Thursday 25 October 2019. And again from 1 Nov. '19 until Christmas 2019. This is only for those who are hard up for finances and need budget travels of 'Pay as you go' basis without any down payment. Personal safety, service and care are assured.

Since I and Dr. Senthil Kumar are from same city I can arrange first class dental treatment with or without India Pilgrimage.

Have a Blessed Day !

In Ma & Guruji,