Inspirational Stories

These stories and poems have been sent in by members of the Devotee Friends on line group. Thanks to Gianni for compiling many of these. If known, the sources are listed. If you are aware of a source of a story that is not identified, please send it to Allen


Brian and the Birdies


The Attitude Is Everything

Secret of the Touchstone

Two Nickles and Five Pennies


Roles and How We Play Them

A Lesson In Heart

He's Watching Over You

Thank You For Correcting Me, Sister!

Is Packaging Important To You?

Small Wooden People




Not Yet

The Big Rocks

Don't Let the Chain of Love End With You

Butterfly Kisses

What Truly Matters In This Life Is Helping Others Win

Pickup in the Rain

The Most Important Question

The Obstacle In Our Path

Some Kind Of Test!

That's How Life Works

Giving Blood

The Fence

A Cracked Pot

The Story of St. Valentine

Keep Singing

The Praying Hands

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Prejudice, Forgiveness And God's Providence

The Old Fisherman

Three Little Trees From Winksdear

God, How Could You Do This To Me?!

What It Means To Be Adopted

The Father's Eyes

A Point Of View

I Had Lunch With God

Shake It Off And Step Up

An Eye Witness Account From New York City, On A Cold Day In December

Faith Can Move Mountains

Five Finger Prayer

Symptoms Of Inner Peace


Top 15 things that God Won't Ask

How Much Do You Make an Hour?

Watch for Flying Bricks

Simple Truths