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Doctor Lewis

Doctor Lewis’ Legacy

Treasures Against Time – Keeping the memory of Doctor Lewis alive
Book reviews and comments

Dr. Lewis, 1948

“Several years ago, before the end of the run of Gunsmoke, I was blessed to meet two outstanding individuals: Mrs. Mildred Lewis, the widow of Doctor Lewis, and her daughter, Brenda Rosser who had known Paramahansa Yogananda since his coming to America in 1920. Their background in the Self-Realization Fellowship teachings prompted me to read Yogananda’s great spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi”. Exposure to the SRF teachings and to these high souls had a profound affect on me.

When Brenda published her book Treasures Against Time describing the close relationship between Paramahansa Yogananda and Doctor and Mrs. Lewis along with some of the spiritual teachings they were privileged to receive first-hand from the guru, I knew that it would be no ordinary religious work. Page after page glows with eternal spiritual truths, especially those from the God-tuned pen of the great Master, whose 97 letters to the Lewis family show us the human side of the guru and give us pause to reflect that such an avatar came on earth in our time to reveal the eternal truths of God.

Treasures Against Time also shows the depth of the true guru-disciple relationship that was established between the Master and Dr. Lewis. Faithfully following in the footsteps of his guru, Doctor was blessed with many great spiritual experiences, bringing him to the height of spiritual glory and Oneness with God through Nirbikalpa Samadhi.

Every truth seeker must read this book. It will awaken you; it will inspire you; it will guide you to the shores of Divine Fulfillment.”


"The book Treasures Against Time has rekindled my heart and I feel honored to have known Dr. Lewis. He touched my life - so much so that I do little things to keep the memory of him fresh. Dr. Lewis loved pine nuts, so I buy them and eat a few each day and remember him. He was always so kind and patient with me. Tears are flowing now as I feel badly that I did not know of his passing and did not attend his funeral. I will now do the best I can to spread his words of wisdom. My years in the SRF ashram bring fond memories and good lessons that have helped me through my marriage struggles and the raising of three children."

“This book tells the story about the Lewis family and their relationship with the spiritual giant Paramahansa Yogananda. It is inspiring because it gives the reader the heartwarming and true story of how Dr. Lewis and his wife became highly successful disciples on the spiritual path, while continuing to lead busy and productive lives in the world at large. It is filled with humor and many entertaining stories, but there is a deep and powerful spiritual current flowing through its pages. Any seeker, on any spiritual path, should have this book in their library. Especially worthy are Dr. Lewis' lectures at the end of the book, which are filled with profound illumination.”

– Glenview, IL

“You may feel divine love, from reading this book. I met all of the Lewis family in the 1950s, and am happy to read details about their relationship with Paramahansa Yogananda. The book is well written and fascinating. I have both the original and the revised edition. They are informative and uplifting books.’

– Milwaukee, WI

"I quoted Dr. Lewis now and then to our children and used his patient style and the past few years my wife has really come around to our way of believing and took a lot of the SRF lessons."

"Thank you Master for sharing the life of Dr. Lewis with us."

Excerpts from one of Dr. Lewis’ Lectures

You cannot know God through thought but you can know Him through love. That is why you have to stop the thoughts. God is not knowable through mind or intellect. He is not knowable by thought but through affection which is far above thought. As Lord Shankara said, “You know God is.” And so we can know His love. We cannot know Him fully because, as Jesus said, “No one knows God.” But we can know His love through affection.

That is why we must rise above thought to be able to feel God’s presence in the silence within. We can know Him through love. That’s why love is the greatest thing, the greatest of the commandments, you know, “Thou shalt love God with all they heart, soul and strength and thy neighbor as thyself” because God’s love in His presence and consciousness is in your neighbor. On these two commandments hang all the laws and the prophets.

So, realize you cannot know God through thought but you can through affection be one with Him. That’s why God is not knowable but you can be one with him through love.

Paramahansa Yogananda, 1948

The Teachings are kept alive
at the Rossers’ Tuesday Night Meditations

Dr. Lewis told Mr. Rosser to listen to everything he said for he spoke from the Light. Mr. Rosser comments: “I did as he said, and still do to this day. We play lectures that Dr. Lewis gave years ago when he spoke at the Hollywood and Encinitas Temple. They were recorded on reel to reel. We have been holding meditations at our home for forty four years now. We play a lecture every Tuesday night before we meditate. We began these meditations at Dennis Weaver's house out in the San Fernando Valley and then when Brenda and I married we purchased a home in Hollywood. At that time we transferred the meditations to our home. Now in my retirement years we have the meeting/meditation in the retirement community we live in. It is the best place in the world to meditate for hardly a car drives by. We don't hear TV's or radio' or barking dogs or talking neighbors. We even hold an all day Christmas Meditation here. Such joy…”