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Doctor Lewis

Master Saves Brenda’s Life

Dr. Lewis Fishing, 1940
In 1950, Brenda found out that she had a growth in her parotid gland. Surgery was necessary. And it was extremely serious for it could have resulted in paralysis of her face, or even death.

Dr. Lewis was relieved when, after the surgery; she managed to speak even though her whole head was covered in bandages, thus showing that there was no paralysis of the facial nerves.

Later, Master told Doctor Lewis that karmically it had been Brenda’s time to leave this earth plane but that he had asked God to change the dream. That being said, Master concluded, “Now she will have a long and happy life. Her way is clear, now and throughout Eternity. ”

Before she left the colony, she had a deep meditation. Her father asked her to describe what she beheld in meditation. Upon hearing what she saw, Doctor said, “You have seen the shores of Cosmic Consciousness.”

Magic Vegetables …

Doctor got much of his knowledge about the teachings, yoga and eternal truths by walking back and forth on the Encinitas Hermitage lawn by the cliff with Master.

One evening, after a particularly wonderful talk with Master, the guru said that it was getting late and he suggested that they go to the kitchen to have a little something to eat. Master stirred up some fresh vegetables Doctor said they were the most delicious vegetables he had ever eaten.

After eating, they bid each other good night and went to their respective bedrooms. When Doctor opened the door to his room he was taken aback – the whole room was suffused with a great divine light.

The next morning, Doctor asked Master about that light. Master said, "I was pretty much in God when I cooked those vegetables!"

The Farm House

It was Master's practice to take the hard-working disciples around him for an occasional vacation. This would involve two cars and taking a motor trip through some of the majestic scenery of California. Dr. Lewis, Mrs. Lewis, and Brenda would be in one car with Master and Daya Ma, Ananda Mata, Mrinalini Mata and Uma Mata would usually ride in the second car.

Master seemed to love the High Sierras and said that the foothills reminded him of the Himalayas, particularly the Eastern Sierras where one can see Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the United States. Film makers thought so, too, for the movie Gunga Din was shot there because of its likeness to India.

It was just after World War II when motorist were at last free from gas rationing, so they looked forward to a drive with Master.

On one of these trips in 1948, they drove up US 395 through Owens Valley through Independence, Big Pine and Bishop until they reached the town of Bridgeport, the jewel of the Sierra towns. It was not very populated in those days, consisting of mostly large ranches spread far apart. It was before the time of the omnipresent motel, but there were small hotels and other facilities for tourists. But on this particular trip, their efforts to find overnight accommodations were not successful and the entire party began to wonder if they would have to sleep in the cars for the night.

Master spotted a distant light, across a great field. It appeared to come from a farm house. They drove to it. When they got there, Master told Mrs. Lewis to go in and see if there were any rooms for the weary travelers. Mrs. Lewis resisted, saying that it was a private farm house and they would not think of taking in a couple of carloads of travelers. But Master insisted and so Mrs. Lewis obeyed him. She went to the door and knocked. A friendly farm wife opened the door. Mrs. Lewis explained that her party was unable to find accommodations for the night and asked if she had a room or two they could rent.

The friendly farm wife glanced out at the cars full of travelers and said, "Please, bring all your friends in and take the rooms in the house. There is plenty of room for everyone. I will sleep in the hired man's shed."

Doctor Lewis looked knowingly at Master. Once again the Hand of God was evident. Doctor Lewis often said, "God does things so nicely."

The Pelican

One day Master, Doctor, Mama and Daya Mata went on a picnic out to a jetty in California. On the way to the beach they came upon a dead or dying pelican.

Doctor said (as he always did in situations like this), "Master, can you do something about this?"

Master said, "I think so."

Master had his cane with him and he gently poked the pelican. The pelican then jerked one part of his body, then the other, until he stood up and flew off.

Paramahansa Yogananda by a Cabin, 1949


Memories of Dr. Lewis
as told by Mr. John Rosser

Doctor Lewis once told me of an experience he had in cosmic consciousness in the most humble of terms. He said that he could see above, below and all around him and then simply said, "It is the strangest thing."

When meditating close to Doctor, one would have wonderful meditations. I asked him about this and he simply said, "You are near the instrument."

I was once having trouble seeing the spiritual eye. It was at his evening service at the Hollywood Temple. He produced a swatch of Sri Yukteswarji's robe and pressed it firmly at my Christ Center; that solved the problem.

As a young man, I would always wait for Dr. Lewis to drive up to Hollywood Temple where he would speak once a month. At the time, I was having a lot of problems with the world and my spiritual life and was quite depressed. One evening he drove up and looked me in the eye and all my trouble disappeared instantly. I was as happy as could be. I guess that is what you call in India a darshan.

- From a letter to Mr. Rosser dated 1956:

Dear Mr. Rosser:

Thank you for your letter. It is a pleasure to receive such a letter filled with such a fine spirit. Keep on as you are and I know that God will look after you. It is a pleasure for me to help you for I can never forget how the Master helped me. That you are helped is sufficient reward.

Yes, company is very important and does influence us but remember that God’s help is greater. Keep on as you are – never forgetting Him and He will never forget you. Even in the midst of “deluded” ones, God can be felt.

I do hope that your wish of an early return be granted.

Blessings to you,

Dr. M. W. Lewis