Devotee Artists

This page contains links and information about devotee businesses, with the thought that other devotees may want to help support them. It is in no way an endorsement or statement of the quality or reliability of the business represented, but merely a collection of "business cards" and links. If you have a devotee business that you would like to include, please click here and complete the form.


The MedItation Shop

Eldon and Sandra Byland
Street: PO Box 1595
City: Sedona, AZ 86336

Telephone: 928-713-9956

web address:

Guru-centered jewelry, designed and produced here in our Sedona home studio. We are a husband and wife team - Eldon manages the business and Sandra is the artist.

Sandra grew up in SRF in the 1950s and 60s, starting in 1956 at age 5. She has been a devotee for nearly 60 years. Together, Eldon and Sandra create beautiful jewelry of all kinds for the devotee, to help inspire and to keep the feeling that God is ever-near.

We make pieces in sterling silver as well as silver plate for those who cannot afford sterling, and we also offer a wide variety of devotional jewelry for those on this wonderful path.

Northern Lights

Marion Owen Photography: Fine art photography and workshops

I am a devotee who lives, works, prays and plays in Kodiak, Alaska, a beautiful island in the North Pacific. My husband and I manage a fine art gallery, a B&B and boat tours.

I approach my art like an explorer searching for the Northwest Passage, though I’m working hard to search for God with even greater fervor. My outings are intentional, intuitive pursuits.

While composing an image, I follow my inner guidance as I find the perfect position and tweak the camera’s perch on the tripod. All the while, I monitor how pattern, shape, line, and color relationships convey a sense of depth.

While photography demands a working knowledge of exacting technical skills, this intuitive approach is one of the most satisfying aspects of photography, and I love to share this passion with guests and workshop students.

My ultimate goal however, is to create captivating images that inspire viewers to look for God everywhere and to set their feet on a Godward path.

My work has been accepted by SRF for the "Inner Reflections" calendar, as well as by Patagonia, National Geographic Traveler, the Nature Conservancy, Better Homes & Gardens and many more. My goal is simple: To create images that encourage people to seek God.

Snowflake - Click for a larger image
Contact information for Marion, her art gallery and Cliff House B&B:
1223 W Kouskov
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: 907-539-5009 (mobile)
Sunflower - Click for a larger image Web:


Here is the information about what I’m doing with my photos. The first link is to Somers Images’ website. The second is self explanatory. Murals can be created from all of the black & white images except 1, some of the images in the “Nature” gallery and from all from the “Vintage” and “Legacy of Somers Images” galleries. The latter two are comprised entirely of images form glass plate negatives. The ones in the “legacy” gallery were all created by my great grandfather 100 years ago. The draft horse photo depicted as a mural in a loft on the Somers Images site is one such example of what is possible. is now in Interior Design Magazine’s online resource guide listing my photos for murals and fine art prints:

People and events photography by Tim Sommers

Photographing your business and organizational events, meetings, conferences or family activities.

Visit the Website for photography work – past art prints and future work capturing images from public or private events.

Marcia R. Wise: Fine Arts - Painting


I've been an artist all my life and was an art teacher for over 25 years. I now work full time in my studio and exhibit. I currently have a solo exhibition of my portrait paintings at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

The portrait work has been very well received with many comments and reviews mentioning "the mesmerizing light from within" as received by the viewer. My heart sings knowing the real meaning of those reviews! It is Master's light, our Divine Light, if you will, coming through me and onto the canvas - to hear that it is also felt by critics and the public in general humbles me to my knees.

I've been a devotee since 1982 and I have always felt my artistic passion and abilities are a reflection of the Divine energy of the Love of the Beloved; a healing and all encompassing, all embracing energy. I pray that my work express this as I set my intention and then I paint, most often in total silence or with an SRF CD softly playing in the background. My morning meditation continues as I work, my thoughts returning to the Divine when they stray or attend to a challenge the work has posed, then back again. Of course, in the silence of my studio it is easier to keep this attention, stepping outside is the real challenge!

My creative process begins with meditation and continues to flow as I am able to keep my attention on God and Gurus, seeming to step out of my own way (ego) and allow this energy to come through me. Sometimes, of course not always, when I stop and stand back to look at what I've done over the many hours that pass (which feel like minutes), I'm surprised at what stands before me. It's almost as if I have not been there and then I return to have a look. Yet, in this long reflective gaze at the work as my artist's eye is looking for problems, I become aware of the depth of process in my connection not only to the subject matter, but to this creative energy that I am so connected with. I feel so blessed to be able to express my creative energies. My most creatively successful days are those that begin with deep morning meditation, painting during the day in the studio, and coming full circle again in evening meditation.

J Bennett Sculpture


The 'spirit form' and others series explore an artist's perceptions of who we humans are, where we come from, where we are going. Medias of many types are used to convey deeper thoughts, universal truths: That we are not our physical forms, but rather some strange, wonderful 'something' inside the form, recycled to appear as varied, unique 'sculptures', yet all made by the same Artist.

A former submarine pilot, tugboat captain, rock-climber and airplane pilot, she now turns quietly inward to focus on the work. She resides in Mokuleia, Hawaii, with a beach-side art studio, her "flock" Bruce, Polly, Buster and Big Birds, studying Yoga philosophy/science, and writing.

Custom Ceramic Creations

Rusi Vaghaiwalla

Lake Shrine Plate
Click for larger image

Create on ceramic plates houses, boats, designs, etc.
Specialty: Creat SRF buildings, e.g.. Lake Shrine Temple, Windmill Chapel, etc.

I joined SRF in late 1996, became a Kriya ban in 1999, and am a Treasurer of Chicago Meditation Group in Hillside, IL at the present time.

Lake Shrine Plate
Click for larger image

Angels of Protection

May I please call your attention to my spiritual/art series, Angels of Protection. Having started creating the angel images, from an intuitive input, and a later powerful experience with my father, was the meaning behind this series made known and clear to me. The series exists in different forms: hand made hand signed cards, prints framed and unframed, archival Giclee prints, jewelry and original art in many sizes.

It has been an honor to have this series included at the Gift Fairs at Hollywood Temple, for many years, and last year, for the first time, at the Phoenix Temple. The story and images are included here on the website. The other site has different art series other then the angel images.


My mixed-media art series, The Lakota Spirits, is presently at one of the most unique museums in California – Cabot’s Pueblo Museum in Desert Hot Springs. Because of space, it’s actually half the series, total being twenty-one images. This show, my interpretation of the Lakota spirits, was inspired by the following: a description of the spirits in the book, Meditations with Native Americans/Lakota Spirituality by Paul Steinmetz, a Jesuit priest who served as a dedicated missionary among the Lakota, and the largest sculpture in the world – the mountain carving memorial to the great Indian warrior, Crazy Horse, in the Black Hills of South Dakota. If you are out to the desert, please take a look. The show will be there until June 30th. It’s relatively close to Ox Yoke in Twenty Nine Palms.

Dreams Above the River
An Art Series
Rob Jacobs

Dreams Above the River is an art series I began in March 2014. It is a mixed media, minimalist/maximalist urban series, each image consisting of three elements: 1) A background foundation photo of downtown Los Angeles including 2) sky unique to each image, and a new third individual element, both which I render in painting. The series is produced in four stages - STAGE 1, painting and college, to produce the original image; STAGE 2, scanning that image; STAGE 3, having 12” x 18” Giclee archival printing done on canvas of each image, and STAGE 4, my enhancing with acrylic paints and gels to add texture to all twelve images. As of today, six have passed through STAGES 1 through 4.

The twelve images will be titled the months of the year: January through December. Subject matter will include: nature, freedom of choice, love, compassion, war, health, sex, art, money, balance and spiritual awareness, anger, meditation, courage, relationships, prayer, fear, happiness, wisdom, peace, communication, oppression and humor. Dreams Above the River is descriptive of life on this planet and beyond and also is in homage to Los Angeles, the city I grew up in from the age of five and love very much.

As to the art: the cityscape image is the foundation of the series much like love is the foundation of a successful relationship. It, along with the accompanying sky, will occupy the same space in each image; however the rendering/painting of the sky will be unique to each piece. The third element, which I will also render in painting, collage, objects, will be a closing metaphor or symbol for the series.

Referencing Dreams Above the River, it is with love that I thank the following incredible people: designer/fine artist/photographer Jayme Odgers, a friend who has been a mentor to me over many years and who photographed the Los Angeles downtown landscape for this series, Larry Vigon, graphic designer/fine artist, who basically inspired me with his observations of what I had been doing in the commercial art world to follow my dream of doing my own art, and my wonderful brother Ray Jacobs, graphic designer/artist/ad agency owner, who has been totally supportive on every level. Of course, with all my gratitude, I lovingly recognize many others who contribute to what I, and all of us, holistically experience on many levels, and in many present moments.

Rajan Bajaj

Items: customized handmade paper stationary like note pads, letter heads, diadies etc. & devotional items like Incense sticks decorated clay lamps with/without wax.

Evelyn Rosa
Evelyn Rosa ( Rosa Productions )

Triptych altars and lotus guru prints in various sizes featuring all six SRF Gurus (Lahiri Mahasaya, Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Sri Yukteswar) for sale by artist Evelyn Rosa. Items are available in wallet through 30"x8" sizes.

Evelyn Rosa
AIM: Bakti Yahoo/Hotmail: BelinBakti,

NEW! Guru-RP-Art (Wallet Altars)

Rene Wagemakers Fine Art

Portraits of Paramahansa Yogananda as well as other fine art.

Rene just updated his website with some new portraits of Master, our Great Gurus and others. Prints are available for as little as $10.

Rene Wagemakers

Lamar Fine Art

Artist: D. Marie Lamar

A series of oil paintings reproduced into fine Lithographs are being offered for the first time.

These original paintings were inspired by the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine.

Paintings of the Gurus

Nick Hodgson

I am very happy to draw to everyone's attention a new web page honoring Saints and Sages. There are many new portraits of the SRF gurus.

I hope you enjoy going over the 50 or so images , there are many more being worked on over the next few months and years.
Also available will be laminated photos of most of these pictures in high resolution as well as prints on canvas in large sizes.
Please click on the URL below to view the pictures