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Owen Kortz

I'm a devotee at the Denver group and just finished putting together a "how to" video for our service readers on harmonium playing.

Jai Guru
Owen Kortz (50:29 minutes)

There is a nice table of contents of topics and times

Kali's Dream

Alex Jones

Kali’s Dream
By Alex Jones and Doug Cutler

Kali's Dream

Joyful piano melodies ripple like cool mountain streams with mood changing colors like the seasons. Pure and crystal-clear solo piano compositions evoke subtle and beautiful feeling within. The notes express the creative playfulness and depth of Nature in a way which touches the peace and beauty within each listener.

“Kali’s Dream is so pretty you can close your eyes for your own dream.” – OP Music Magazine

“Your music is so beautiful that I will have it played over KAZU. Thanks again for the magical music.” – Mike Schmitz (KAZU fm) Pacific Grove, California.

“I have your CD Kali’s Dream and count it among the most beautiful music I’ve heard.” -Therese Coupz, San Francisco, CA.

About Alex Jones

Alex was a monk in the SRF order for 5 years in the seventies. In the early years his music was sold at Encinitas Imports. Alex music has been listened to and enjoyed by the SRF Monastics.

Daya Mata wrote many beautiful endorsements for Alex’s Music and in one letter said, “I have just received a copy of your new recording and want to thank you for this beautiful, inspiring music. I understand that they are original compositions, made by yourself. You are very talented and your music uplifts the heart and spirit. Master would encourage you to continue to cultivate this musical talent, as it is a wonderful way to bring joy to others. And no doubt you feel within a deep soul-satisfaction when creating and playing such lovely pieces.” Sri Daya Mata

All Alex Music can be listened to and order through his web site

Julie Rose

Julie has a CD intitled "This Dream" (

Julie has an angelic voice and a special gift with working with children. She has a doctorate in music education and has produced a lovely CD called “This Dream.” This Dream is a compendium of 9 spiritually inspiring, prayerful songs that resonate with Master’s message of devotion to the Divine. Julie’s soulful voice is hauntingly beautiful. To hear her music, please visit


Lewis David Levin – Music Director
Lewis has an extensive musical background. He spent his early years performing and touring in Canada and Europe and performed with many well known recording artists of that time.
In the mid 80’s, he recorded an album of original music in Calgary’s renowned Thunder Road Studios. Included in the recording are many musicians from the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.
He also was a regular in recordings studios, doing audio work for various corporations for 20 years.

The album “ TranscenDance” brings together Lewis’ musical experience with his passion, devotional chanting. All the of the chants on this album were penned by Paramahansa Yogananda, (1893-1952) who founded Self Realization Fellowship in the early 1920’s.

About the album …
Devotional chants are unlike typical songs. The goal of a chant is to bring the chanter into a spiritual mood or vibration, so repetition is a key component. Chants need to be focused on the lyric as well. Any accompaniment should not detract from creating this spiritual nexus.

With this in mind, I set out to come up with unique arrangements that I hope will inspire and uplift the listener. At the very least, these wonderful chants will be calming and peace inducing.
The arrangements take into account my western roots. Chanting per se, does not usually incorporate harmony, but I must confess that I yearn to hear it. You will note that the chants start off rather simply, and gradually new layers are added to build the chant to a climax.

I have also endeavored to include non-traditional instruments. I do this as a matter of inspiration. I try to be open to what I feel will enhance the overall sound scape.
In “Door of My Heart” I have added an additional musical phrase, which I feel compliments the traditional melody. In “I Am The Bubble” I have also added additional musical phrases along with bagpipes, which I have heard astrally for years.

I do sincerely hope that you enjoy these renditions of these most sacred chants and that you find inspiration from them on your spiritual sadhana.
In divine friendship and love
Lewis David Levin

TranscenDance is for sale at


Just arrived home from a high school homecoming night (where I took yearbook photos). This is just what I needed. Thank you!!!!

This is the best rendering of “ In This World” chant I have ever heard! Mesmerizing. Could you kindly also send me “ I am the Bubble” and “Door of MY Heart”
A million Thanks

This song, “Where is There Love”, sounds so close to the one sung during kirtan service @HV....immesnely sweet …

Thank you,

I just received my TranscenDance CD. It's fabulous! I love the arrangements. It will be perfect for our meditation services.
Thank You.

Dear Shakti Deva
I was at the kirtan at the Yoga Studio South a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I picked up a couple CD's of the new TrascenDance album for my sister and me. I am absolutely loving it! I love all the instruments - especially the bag pipes. Shakti Deva did an excellent job! My girlfriend bought a CD as well.

Greeting Everyone!
At convocation I met a canadian devotee who has made a lovely CD of Master's chants. Very beautiful. I want to share the website with you, just click on "media" to listen to samples of the chants. Each arrangement is unique, but very true to the chant. Kind of western style, with harmonies. Peace all!
Jai Guru!

Thank you for the freebie samples on your website, Lewis. When I checked it out on saturday, I put my headphones on and listened to every sample. Very very beautiful! I will keep letting people know about what you have created.
Thank you!

Timmaris McDowell
Heart Centered Music

SRF Christmas Meditation Songs: A CD with our organist from the Encinitas temple of all the songs that we sing at the all day Christmas meditation is available at Heart Centered Music

The purpose of this is so that the groups or centers can have this CD to use at their Christmas meditations. A lot of people do not know the songs and this CD is one they can use to sing along to. If anyone is interested, they can e mail me at

One is that I have a new CD out for anyone who might be going through the grieving process. It is called "When Angels Whisper." People can go to my website and from there download the songs they might want to hear. The purpose of the CD is to inspire, uplift and offer comfort.

Many CDs available, some including Cosmic Chants.
Music lessons and performances available

Ron Hart
PureBeam Music

Pianist Ron Hart and upright bassist Gary Fitzgerald's new jazz CD, "April in Paris," has just been released on PureBeam Music. This exciting mainstream and progressive jazz album features dynamic interplay between these two inspired musicians. An amazing jazz treatment of Hit the Road, Jack as well as five other standards and five originals will delight you.
Please visit for details. The CD can be purchased at and can be digitally downloaded at iTunes and
When in iTunes, in the Search Store box in the top right of the Home Page, type in "Ron Hart & Gary Fitzgerald" to go to the album's page in iTunes.

Cheri Stark

Cheri's singing has been heard in every SRF temple in the Southern California area for Gift Fairs, kirtans, and peace concerts -- including the United World Concert hosted by the Encinitas Temple in 2007, where Cheri sang as a soloist in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Known for her ability to convey the essence of spiritual music, Cheri performs regularly at churches throughout Southern California.

"Sacred Prayers" (Cheri's most recent CD) is a stunningly beautiful inspirational album featuring several SRF favorites, such as "In the Garden" and three different versions of "Ave Maria."

To find out more and hear clips of Cheri's singing, please visit her website:

Holistic Singer Music




Trisha Dunn

A new CD of Christmas music titled "Nativity", created and sung by Trisha Dunn, who is a long-time Hollywood Temple devotee

I found it so enchanting, so spiritual and so beautiful that I am hastening to let others know about it.

Excerpts from the CD can be heard on the website -- click on "Music", and when that window opens, click on "Trisha Dunn" at the bottom of the list. When the next window opens, you may scroll down to listen to some of the excerpts. Direct Link to Trisha Dunn on Supreme Swan.

I don't usually do these kinds of "plugs", but when you hear Trisha's angelic voice, I think you will understand my enthusiasm.

The CDs may be ordered from Supreme Swan or directly from Trisha, whose e-mail address is:

Bo Baseman

I've posted 11 arrangements of Paramahansa Yogananda's Cosmic Chants on Youtube.For a complete list of Cosmic Chants posted go to the

youtube/Bluelotuscosmicchants channel

This link should take you there.

Numerous CDs of Cosmic Chants, on piano and synthesizer.

Many people know Bo from the days when there was a grand piano in the center of the Bonneventure and Bo would play songs from the Cosmic Chants during Convocation. The music would float up and provide a wonderful atmosphere.

Piano Lessons with teacher / composer Philip Wolfe

  • In your home ( in the Los Angeles and SF Valley Area's) or in my studio
  • Excellent with Children and Teens
  • Fun and Patient Teacher
  • Goal Oriented Adult Lessons ... I will help you progress as fast as possible
  • Learn to read music and / or play by ear
  • Learn how Chords, Scales and Music Theory fit together
  • Songs of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s to todays music
  • Classical piano
  • Classic Rock, Blues
  • Reasonable Rates

Instructor PHILIP WOLFE has toured the world with famous Rock bands, been featured on MTV videos and has over 20 Album credits.

Philip has been teaching piano for over 25 years and has CDs available from and downloads from Apple Itunes

My goal as your Private Piano Teacher is to make the learning experience progressive and enjoyable.


Links to my CD's Xotica Predator Glass Wolfe Om the Celestial Voice Om the Cosmic Vibration Lifeforce

Thanks again
Philip Wolfe

Mejda Das and Liquid Fire

Shanti Pronams, This is Pat from Roses Roses, just letting everyone know about my new yoga music group - Mejda Das and Liquid Fire.

Visit our Website:

Mejda Das is my new spiritual name! It means Devotee of Mejda, the boyhood name of Paramahansa Yogananda. Mejda means Second Older Brother in the Asian family custom of addressing siblings.

The inspiration behind the band name "liquid fire" originates also with Paramahansaji. In a scintillating statement from his 1932 East West
magazine spiritual interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita about the Guru-given powers of pranayama - the Kriya yoga shakti - he states:

"The soul through the liquid fire of meditation has to repeatedly battle with ignorance and body-consciousness, in order to wipe out the intoxicating influence of cosmic delusion and sin."

OM Blessings, Mejda Das

Mejda Das and Liquid Fire performs mystic music from many cultures around the world including Cosmic Chants of Paramahansa Yogananda, Hindu bhajans, classical Indian ragas, Christian hymns, Sufi, Korean, Buddhist, Native American, Zoroastarian sacred songs, mantras, kirtan, and original spiritual compositions.

Enjoy the healing energies and uplifting vibrations of spiritualized music. Featuring an inspired fusion of sounds with

Mejda Das (Pat Ryan) - harmonium, vocal, fretless bass, percussion. Sangita Moskow - sarod, vocal, percussion,
Ramana Erickson - tabla, percussion, harmonium.

Join us for a devotional concert and chanting at an upcoming event Appearing at festivals, yoga centers, retreats, spiritual events, weddings, public and private gatherings.

Visit our Website:

Steve (Jitendra) Hydonus Steve (Jitendra) Hydonus

and His Music Link to Music: and

Steve has written and played all the songs on this site and the C.D. which is shown in the corner (Soul Searchin'). He plays 11 instruments and plays all the instruments on this site and his C.D. as well as all the vocals. He has performed all around the U.S. (see performance sites). You may want to contact him to have him perform alone or with other professional musicians in his band or to recieve his music (CD shown top left). He is able able to write songs that convey an uplifting message, and can cast words that are spiritually correct, and in ways that an audience not familiar with religion(s) can understand.

He writes songs with soul conviction too, and thereby inspires the audience in a direct way, not just the actual English meaning of the words, but at a deeper level, in the head, heart and soul. You are welcome to join Steve in his Soul Searchin'.

For C.D. requests or more info contact Steve at: or 231/3359319



Soul Calls
The Soul Calls™ are inspired songs of the Soul to the Divine Beloved. With world class East Indian traditional instrumentation and English lyrics in the style of the mystic lovers of God - Mirabai, Tagore, Rumi, and Kabir - the Soul Calls echo the ageless desire of the Soul for union with the Divine Beloved. As intimate and introspective love songs to God, the Soul Calls affirm the love and longing for, and the presence of, the Divine Beloved and give new universal expression to the devotee’s spiritual journey and devotional experience.

Free Listening

Free Listening: All 6 albums, with lyrics and commentaries can be heard for free at

How to Purchase Albums or Downloads:

1) Go to
2) In the orange search box on the upper right corner, type in: Soul Calls
This will take you to a page where you will see that there are 5 albums of Soul Calls by Saranya available.
3) Click on an album picture - it will take you to the page where you can:

  • order that album - hard copy or download
  • hear songs
  • read a description of the album
  • read comments
  • add your testimonial!

A Blog Post About The Soul Calls…

The Soul Calls ( are streams of spiritual musical experiences that are reflections of the deepest yearning of the human soul for union with the Divine Beloved. Birthing through spontaneous and meditative mystical experiences, the songs' verses and music (which later became named Soul Calls ) were first given to Saranya in 1999. The actual experiences - like most deep, mystical experiences - are too ethereal to put into words and description. They came 'as they came' and they still come 'as they come.'

Since 2002 the focus for Saranya has been on recording the divinely gifted Soul Calls for posterity. The first three of the Soul Calls CD collection known as The Trilogy chronicle the devotee’s journey from being weary of the world and beginning to call on the Divine Presence, to being told to go within, learning that the soul can soar, having meditative experience and deeper spiritual understanding, being anchored in God, longing for Union, and at last engaging in the Divine Romance.

Recorded and produced in India, so far five CDs have been completed with the 6th CD currently in process. The Soul Calls continue to be mystically transmitted to Saranya and to date over 100 Soul Calls have manifested in the meditative state.

The Soul Calls provide an avenue for getting in touch with one's own heart and soul and personal relationship with the Divine Beloved and for reconnecting with that spirituality which transcends clime, time, race, organized religion, and things of the world. Bringing together the East and West, this new devotional, universal music that speaks to every listening heart in the language of the Soul is a testimony to the brotherhood of man and the supremacy of the Soul. This new devotional body of work and universal genre of sacred music cuts across all boundaries of distinction.

In this age when interior peace is a forgotten, but precious commodity, the Soul Calls dissolve cultural, religious, and ideological boundaries by peacefully carrying the consciousness within - and turning it Godward. In that place of interior peace and Divine Remembrance, expanded personal peace and magnanimity of heart are experienced as one witnesses in the Soul Calls, and in oneself, this new expression of eternal verities.

About Saranya

Saranya is a disciple of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda , author of the spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi” (published by Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA.). A practicing Kriyaban yogini since 1972, with profound gratitude for the help of her Great Gurudeva, Saranya brings to the Soul Calls an intimacy born of personal experience of the struggles and joys on the soul’s journey toward realization of Oneness with the Divine Beloved.

Saranya can be contacted via email at

Pat Ryan's Celtic Junket

Email Pat Ryan

I perform celtic music - Fun Live Music for Any Occasion ...
Make Your Event Special!

Michael Dunn

"Sacred Yoga Love Songs"

Official release in stores is planned for early spring, but you can order special advance copies in time for Christmas. The recording features several chants by the revered world-teacher Paramahansa Yogananda, plus a selection of devotional bhajans of India, and two new devotional pieces created by Michael for this album.

Some of us at Lake Shrine have put an album of chants together ("Adoration - Chants for Meditation"), which we would love to let other devotees know about. It took 3 years to get around to it, but it's done! Several Lake Shrine kirtan devotees joined us for a meditation in the studio (Kristine made a beautiful altar) and we recorded it, and then added loving polish later. We chanted some of Master's chants, and a selection of bhajans. Our goal was to capture the devotion and simplicity of meditation chanting. The CD has been professionally mixed and mastered. There's a sweet feeling to it (LS Sunday School kids joined in on two chants), and we have permission from Mother Center to donate copies to LS and Hollywood Christmas bazaars with proceeds to the temples. I will also be selling some online ( and at yoga studios, looking to make back expenses (this is a private project, not an official Lake Shrine or SRF one, but we will tithe on profits).

They sell for $15 each (plus $1.24 tax)
Michael Dunn
Lakelight Productions
551 Palisades Drive
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


Divina Music

Vasudeva Sunrise

New CD "Vasudeva Sunrise" by Janaka

“The state, which consists of the combination of sound and light is called Vasudev" -- (Ghandharva Veda)

I'm excited to let devotees know that long-time SRF devotee Janaka has recently released the third CD in a trilogy in honor of the Great Masters of SRF. Vasudeva Sunrise, contains seven deeply moving songs dedicated to our beloved Lord Krishna. Vasudeva is another name for Krishna, meaning "the Light filled one".

In each of Janaka's albums you will find profound devotion and a gift for singing and composing music to the Divine.

A lot of talent, precision and love have gone into the performance and mixing of these soul-songs! The CD cover - a six page booklet - is sensational and matches the beauty of the music.

Personally, I am absolutely thrilled as the devotion in Janaka’s music touches me to my innermost core; his previous 2 CDs are among my all-time favorites and this new CD is yet another dimension.

I encourage you to buy a copy for someone you love who is in love with the Beloved (and that someone just might be yourself!) It makes a great Christmas gift! You can buy Vasudeva Sunrise and Janaka's other two CDs Jai Yogananda and Oriental Christ through CD baby and Amazon.

Oriental Christ , inspired by the lost years that Jesus spent in India and Tibet. (as described in chapter five of the Second Coming ).

The album contains the first official release of a recording of Paramahansa Yogananda's Opal Flame chant and 6 other devotional songs.

On the website is information about the artist, the music, and mp3 files, you can listen to the songs.
Shanti Books/Divina Music
Rehkamp 43b
D-21244 Buchholz
Tel: +49 4181 99 78 - 99
Fax: +49 4181 99 78 - 98


Many devotees are already familiar with the devotional music of Janaka. For those of you who do not already own his recordings, may I suggest that you consider treating yourselves to a copy of “Oriental Christ” for Christmas. “Oriental Christ” or Janaka’s other CD, “Jai Yogananda” would also make a thoughtful gift for spiritually-minded friends and family.

Janaka (Jacques Penners) is a long-time European SRF Kriyaban who, for the most part, writes and records his own music devoted to our beloved gurus. In addition to his own works he performs, in “Oriental Christ” an inspirational version of Master’s “Opal Flame”.

Paramahansaji left his devotees with so many ways to find God and hold onto God’s presence throughout our days but it seems to me that music was one of Master’s favorite modalities. Uplifting spiritual music like that of Janaka (and many other devotees) has a way of working into the depths of our being and so that little messages of Divine Love have a chance to surface at unexpected times in our daily lives.

Opal Flame Chant on YouTube

If you would like to order either “Oriental Christ” and/or “Jai Yogananda, you can contact:

Gerry Hazelton

Shipping / payment:

The CDs are US $14,99 . Please add $ 3, for shipping for 1 CD.
plus one dollar for each additional CD.

We ship from California. One can send a check to:

Gerry Hazelton
31884 Birchwood Drive
Lake Ellsinore, California 92532-2628

Diane Bardwell

I am a lifelong devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda and a friend and past singing partner of Timmaris McDowell and Jeff Calcara.

I have a website where I am offering my music. In particular, I am excited about letting people know about my new healing affirmation chants that follow the principle's in Scientific Healing Affirmations and Cosmic Chants. Jeff Calcara will be playing guitar on this new CD.

The info and ordering page are on my website

There is a testimonial letter on there from Margaret Wolff, of In Sweet Company.

MasterPeace Cosmic Chants for Orchestra CD

Orchestral Arrangements by Larry Leeder

From the "Cosmic Chants" of Paramahansa Yogananda

Gary Wright, Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver, albums produced by George Harrison, played with 'Spooky Tooth'