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This page contains links and information about devotee businesses, with the thought that other devotees may want to help support them. It is in no way an endorsement or statement of the quality or reliability of the business represented, but merely a collection of "business cards" and links. If you have a devotee business that you would like to include, please click here and complete the form.

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Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care
Dr. John H. Maher
Valley Center, CA

All chiropractic insurance and medicare accepted.
Cash Fees posted online.

About Dr. John Maher


Proactive Health with Ela Corcoran

Proactive Health with Ela Corcoran ( offers the total experience in holistic health addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of illness through natural, safe, empowering and effective solutions (including Homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Alkalization and Nutritional Counseling for improving health and also for Weight Loss).

Holistic Coaching - support for people dealing with chronic illnesses, including:

•Digestive Problems (IBS, Crohn’s, Indigestion, Constipation, etc)
•Auto-immune Diseases
•Hormonal Inbalance
•Emotional Issue (Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Hyperactivity, , others)
•Sleep Problems
… and other.

Ela Corcoran is has been an SRF member since 1995. She has been helping SRF devotees with their health challenges successfully with inspiration and guidance received from God and Master, as a main source of the healing.

She also works as a editor and a coordinator on the SRF project of translating Paramahansa Yogananda's books into Polish language.

All devotees, whether Polish speaking or not, can find information on Master and his newly translated and published books in Polish as they become available on Facebook page at
Please 'Like' it. Jai Guru!

Panic Disorder Treatment by Rob Jacobs

Panic Disorder, from my perspective, is one of the worst maladies that a human being can encounter. Symptoms can include panic attacks, anxiety on a large scale, periods of insomnia, extreme fears, and many others. I know this as I, and millions of others have suffered from the ravages of this disorder, for me culminating in a year of basically no sleep. Eventually, through a program of healing, from the hands, hearts, minds and souls of two compassionate chiropractic physicians, both long time SRF devotees, and ironically one who also experiences the disorder and became a world authority on it, most symptoms associated with P.D. have been eliminated from my life.

I am an artist, not a doctor, but through the years I talked to many who experienced the symptoms associated with this malady. From gratitude to God and Guru for the help I received, I decided to compile a presentation of my story with 'panic' in hope it might inspire others to seek the help they need. That story, in the form of a CD, titled: From Flight to Might / My Experiences with and Recovery From Panic Attacks, Depression and Insomnia, was begun in 2008 and took me a year to write and record. I am also hoping to give this presentation as a talk/lecture in the not too distant future.

I am offering this CD FREE to those who feel that my story can be beneficial as an aid to help in seeking out answers to nervous disorders. By mail, the only fees will be – 1 CD - $4.60, and 2 CDs - $5.00, which includes the cost of postage, a small handling fee, sales tax I have to pay, and the cost of the shipping envelope. The total cost of receiving the CD personally is $1.50.

To receive this FREE CD presentation, please email me at

When you've had a chance to listen and review the CD, email any questions, comments or input you might have, and I will respond in a timely manner. If you wish to talk by phone, that can be arranged. I will do my best to answer all inquiries, and should anything fall outside of my knowledge base, I will research it thoroughly and get back to you. Also, if you feel someone you know may benefit from this message, please forward to them.

In a very personal way, I feel those that experience the symptoms of Panic Disorder are in this together, and through our mutual efforts and God’s Grace, will find the answers that will help take us from the impact of this malady to a life of more peace, harmony and joy.

John Kaswandik, Holistic Health Practitioner
Encinitas, CA

Techniques include

Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner.

Lisa Avebury
LMT Massage Therapist
CA Cert # 18639

Using Mind, Body & Spirit to Heal

Call 310-766-6185

Denise C Baxter, Certified Health Coach

I am a Certified Health Coach, specializing in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. My specialty is weight loss.

I have been a SRF member for 8 years and am a healthy, satisfied vegetarian.

I am able to aid SRF members in transitioning to vegetarian eating or in gaining greater health, including weight loss if necessary. I work with individuals for an hour twice a person, by Skype or by phone.
I have been successful in working with clients who wish to be vegetarian and those who are not vegetarian.

I set my fee on a sliding scale in $5 increments from $25 to $50 a session. The first meeting is a health history consultation, during which you can decide if you would like to work with me. I also offer one free session for those who would like to pay for 12 appointments in advance.

Written material and a binder are included as well as small gifts that can aid you in achieving excellent health.

Crossroads Logo

Dr. John Maher

Crossroads Health Center

Crossroads Health Center is a full service natural health care facility which offers a wide range of holistic health care services. We are here to guide and support your journey to health and abundant vitality. We specialize in both chiropractic and holistic care to provide the most effective combination in natural health care.

Crossroads Health Center offers the best in modern health analysis. Dr John Maher may choose to analyze the balance of the body using:

Dr Maher has been a kriyaban since 1972. He is a board certified in chiropractic, clinical nutrition and alternative medicine.

Initial Exams $75. Office Visit Fees $45, Seniors $40, Minors $30. Insurance billing codes provided. Also open lunch hours and evenings.

To appoint with Dr Maher, call 1-760-751-2208

Change Your Mind SuperSleep®

I'm Teri Mahaney, Ph.D., the creator of the Change Your Mind SuperSleep® method and scripting. I spent 25 years studying and experimenting with brain states and theta healing, and putting what I learned into carefully scripted CDs you listen to while you sleep. I LOVE helping you change those unwanted life long patterns overnight!

Listen to my CDs on Empowerment, Healing and Wellness, Spirituality, Loving Relationships, Loving Partnership, Success, Money, Student Success, & Parenting, or buy the how-to book and create your own personal scripts and recordings.

Please take a few minutes to review the brain research on the website -- and learn what the most healing subliminal/subconscious statement ever scientifically tested really is (it's about oneness). Read the user testimonials clients have written about their results to get an idea of how much you can change with this method.


PS: I wrote the script for Balance Your Energy Centers, a Chakra clearing CD (#2 in the Healing & Wellness series) while on a silent retreat at the Encinitas Center in 1995. I sleep to it often.

Teri Mahaney, Phd
Creator, Change Your Mind
PO Box 422
Carlsbad, CA 92018

David Laden

Advanced Certified Rolfer
Certified Zero Balancer
Zero Balancing Faculty

Blanca Noel

Encinitas, California

Upledger Cranio Sacral Therapist, Healing Stones, Tibetan Healing Bowls, Hand Made Healing Jewlery, Australian Flower Essences and more.

Jane Demian, L.Ac., M.A., R.N.


I will help you find balance in your life and health through acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

I am an acupuncturist / herbalist blending Eastern and Western therapeutic modalities, nationally certified, also licensed in the State of California. I have a background in Western medicine having worked as a Registered Nurse for a number of years, with a Master's degree in Psychology. I work with the physical manifestation of emotional / spiritual imbalance which may take the form of physical aches and pains, gastrointestinal upset, women's issues, immune system disorders and other imbalances. I also do Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Counseling.

Life Coaching

Brother Craig MarshallCraig Marshall - Click for a larger image

* Public Speaker Extraordinaire & Yoga Monk For 35 Years
* Personal Transformation Consultant * Visionary *
* Author & Life Writer * Inspired Empowerer *
* Child Actor World Traveller Yoga Monk Visionary

Craig Marshall Information (PDF)

Officiating Life-Events (PDF)

Personal_Consulting (PowerPoint)

Living Your Life-Purpose

“The men and women I serve have an inner fire to follow their innermost calling. The most important Self-discovery is one’s personal purpose.”
-- Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall was a yoga monk for 35 years and counseled thousands around the world, including many celebrities. Craig now helps individuals honor their deepest call. Through a Self-discovery process, clients achieve a deeper understanding of what means the most to them. People develop the clarity & confidence required to manifest their unique Life-Purpose in their personal & professional lives. This leads to greater focus, success, and joy.

How To Learn Your Life-Purpose

Defining your personal Life-Purpose is a unique process. You’ll connect with your intuition, which is always guiding you from within. Are you ready to step into your next chapter?
Through fun and interactive dialogues, Craig takes clients on a step-by-step journey to discovery. He helps each individual answer nine essential questions, which lead to understanding of one’s personal Life-Purpose.
ToolsCraig Marshall - Click for a larger image

Personal Assessment - to understand your personal background
Life-Map - to identify your core values
Self-Discovery Dialogue - to define your Life-Purpose
Journaling Techniques - to capture your deepest thinking
Meditation Techniques - to reduce stress & develop intuition
Action Plan - to align your activities with your Life-Purpose
Follow-Up Program – to reach your personal & professional goals

Meaningful relationships (with others & with yourself)
Career success
Life balance
Make inspired decisions
Greater energy and motivation
Achieve inner and outer goals

No Regrets

How will you feel about your life when you retire and look back? Most people wish they had made different choices. How about you?
When questioned about their regrets, 80% of dying people are sorry about many of their decisions. Here are the top three regrets:  
I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
This was the most common regret. When people look back on their lives, it’s clear how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most have honored less than half.

2) I wish I didn’t work so hard. This came from most men in hospice programs. They regretted spending so much time on the treadmill of work.
3) I wish I had let myself be happier. Many did not realize until the end that happiness is a choice. Fear of change made them pretend that they were content.
It’s never too early to plan and live your happiness. 

About Craig

Craig was a child actor and later graduated from USC Film School. Then, his life changed direction. His spirit of inquiry called him to become a yoga monk for the next 35 years. He counseled thousands around the world, including many celebrities.
Today, Craig is a Life-Purpose coach, public speaker, and officiates various ceremonies. Clients praise his sincerity, humor, and his ability to create a safe space where true transformation can take place. Working via telephone and Internet, Craig serves clients worldwide.
“Craig is an ‘intuitive journalist’. He knows I have the answers within, and helps me to bring my inner dreams into an outer reality.” -- Renata Stone, medical executive
Craig’s book The Next You reflects his interest in personal growth. He’s considered one of the most profound thought-leaders of our time. Craig’s coaching is often called “life-changing”. He has addressed groups as large as 7,000, and audiences are moved by his presence, wit, and ability to connect on a deep level. The Vice-President of NBC Studios, who books inspirational speakers, said, “Craig is the best public speaker I ever heard.”

Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D. Ron Mann Ronald Mann Information

Transformational Coaching: An enlightened approach to personal development, integrating psychology, Master's teachings and executive coaching.

Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D.
Peak Performance Coaching

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Lucid Field Radiance Life Coaching


Are life issues holding back your spiritual growth? Has your depth of meditation and devotion plateaued?

If you are ready to take off, but could use some clarity and guidance, Lucid Field Radiance spiritual life coaching is for you.

Grounded in the timeless wisdom teachings of Yogananda, you now have a coach who can catalyze your growth to take you to the next level.

We work with you over the phone so your location doesn’t matter; all that is needed is courage to engage. Scholarships available for those in unusual circumstances.



Strategic Life and Career Coach of "Infinite Possibilities" by Emma Glenny

Are you in transition and thinking about the need for change in your life? Are you ready to create a life that is fulfilling, successful and prosperous? Are you moving from one phase of your life to another, and ready to pursue a career or life change? Are you looking for a job and need some support?

If your answer is yes to any one of these questions and you are ready to take action, then now is the time to call your own personal Life and Career Coach. Create the life you desire. Call now and make an investment in your future!

Emma Glenny, Life and Career Coach, at 818.269.8434 or

Alzak Amlani

I am an SRF Kriyaban for 15 years and am a psychotherapist in San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA.

I work with devotees in the SF Bay Area. Additionally, I am writing short articles on integrating personal life with spiritual life and the various issues and challenges of that process. I am in touch with a couple of SRF monks about my work and interest. If you would like I could offer a couple of articles for the SRF, or other portion of the Alternative Healing website.

Life Positive
Email Sharmila Dalmia

Let me have the pleasure to introduce to you, a complete encyclopedia on holistic living and new age alternative sciences.

There is a growing need for this information and the lives of many people can be benefited. One can now make a more informed decision.

We have just the right section on various alternative therapies, which is rich in content taken directly from the Masters and Gurus.
Your suggestions, expert comments and guidance will be highly appreciated to make the site more fulfilling and complete.

We look forward to working with you and we hope that together we are able to encourage and spread a more holistic approach to life.

Warm wishes,
Sharmila Dalmia

Professional Services and Improvement

Nancy Baux

We will help you expand and have more control of your income and your time by mentoring you in starting your own home-based, franchise-type business in the wellness industry.

With our help, you will be helping others do the same. The income potential is unlimited.

The company we represent is the world's largest manufacturer of the highest-quality regenerative products on the planet. We also offer the finest mentorship program in the industry to feed the mind and give you the best chance for balanced success.

Realty and Construction

Jon Cote Home Improvement

Jon Cote Home Improvement has been in business for 20 years, with many repeat customers. I am honest, dependable, and have a high moral compass.

I am Kriyaban and my wife and I have just sold our house. We are both Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers.

We are looking to relocate and I would love to help others with their building dreams, remodeling, repairs or property maintenance. Our reason for relocating is to remove ourselves from the harsh New England winters.

Please contact us if we fit your needs.


Howard James Lerner RealtyHoward James Lerner

Proud to serve my Devotee friends in the DC Metro Area

I am happy to provide 10% of my commission at Settlement to SRF, or a charity or political campaign we agree on

Get in touch when looking to buy or sell in the DC Metro area.

Howard James Lerner
Associate Broker: DC MD VA*
Stuart & Maury, Inc.
4833 Bethesda Ave Suite 200
Bethesda, MD 20814

301-775-6869 Cell
301-654-3200 Main Office

Thank you for referring your friends and associates.
Stuart & Maury, Inc. has proudly served our clients since 1956.

* Virginia License with
Taylor Properties, 175 Admiral Cochrane Dr. Suite 111, Annapolis, MD 21401

"Proud to be: An Equal Housing Opportunity Realtor"

Judy Szamos, Realtor, Carlsbad/Encinitas area


I am a Realtor who works with Buyers and Sellers in the North San Diego County areas with emphasis in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Cardiff By The Sea. As an SRF member since 1972, it has been my privilege to help people find their dream home in beautiful Southern California

Elfin Forest Rentals

Mary Ann Holden
Elfin Forest Road
Escondido, California

I rent a home, studio, and studio rooms on 2.5 acres in the country in Elfin Forest.

We have created a retreat environment with a beautiful meditation room for group meditations.

This place is 16-25 minutes to the Self-Realization Fellowship Encinitas temple, 15 minutes from the SRF Escondido Center, and 45 minutes from the SRF San Diego Temple and Hidden Valley.

Jim Kutz, California real estate sales

Over 30 years experience in San Diego, California real estate sales. Also specialize in real estate mortgage lending.

Helping people buy and sell homes in Mt. Washington and surrounding communities

Julie Nagesh, Real Estate Broker
(323) 223-1144

Carmen Saunders

Dear SRF Devotees,
I'm an SRF member and I would like to place a real estate section on the website. I have a house for sale next to the SRF Ashram - Hidden Valley in Escondido, CA

You can view my website at Thank you.
In Divine friendship,
Carmen Saunders

Talor StewartAsk the Home Designer!

Ask me any design or home improvement question!!!
Talor Stewart

Architectural services, home design, landscape and interiors. My approach to design is based on your core values, and design decisions are made that adhere to and reflect or express those principles. This results in a project that is unique and expressive of who you are and what your aims and ideals are. Environment is stronger than will. Bring love, light, beauty, peace and harmony into your life- design it!

I provide CAD plans for new homes, renovations and additions, site planning, development, and consulting services.

God Bless You!

Amado Saldana, Electrical Services

Los Angeles area

Kinetic Electric electrical contractor license # 968470
commercial and residential

New construction-remodel-panel upgrades-troubleshooting-interior lighting design outside and landscape lighting-service calls

Financial Planning

Shena Medley, Insurance Advisor
Medley Insurance Market Centers


CA License #: 0I27463
Hawaii License#: 431556

Mobile: 805.620.2432

“Helping Retirees Create An Income They Cannot Outlive”

I specialize in ensuring that each person I encounter receives exactly the best products and service they require to live a nervous free existence. Financial freedom gives us the ability to give of ourselves freely to the World. I strive to help each one of us create peace in this area of our lives.

Here arre a few ideas of areas I can assist you with;

  • Investments that are safe and secure that enable you to reap the upside potential of the stock market, without the downside risk.
  • Creating a tax-free retirement income - with NO government limits on how much you can contribute right now.
  • 100% IRS approved.
  • How to pay off your home 5 - 10 years early, without taking any additional money out of your pocket.
  • The secret to creating an income that you cannot outlive with the money you have now.
  • How to create for yourself a long term care nest egg that will be there just in case you need it. If not needed for long term care - that money can be used for that purchase you really want!

Visit my website to register for my monthly "Living Debt Free and Truly Wealthy' Newsletter


FlyingStart Tutoring
Email Michele Blumberg

I am a resident of Encinitas for 14 years and a kriyaban for 35 years

I run a tutoring business called FlyingStart Tutoring.

Michele Blumberg

Angela TaylorAngela Taylor, click for larger image
Email: Angela Taylor

I teach English As A Second Language (ESL).. online or in person.

Rates vary according to your financial situation. I work for 2 nationwide language companies but you will be my private students.

Lessons can fluctuate according to your schedule.

You will learn correct pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, idioms and conversational English.

Lessons are fun.


Angela TaylorAngela Taylor, click for larger image
Email: Angela Taylor

Guitar Teaching Made Fun and Easy

(I can teach online or in person) (for beginners).

Learn songs immediately. We start with 2 chord songs and one simple strum and most students can play their first song in one session.

All styles of music: traditional, kids, oldies, spiritual, pop, country and more! Pick what style of music you want to learn from and what era/decade you want to learn the song from.

Most hard songs can be transposed to easy chords for you to learn from.

I can teach you online with,, Skype etc., or teach you in person. We can make the sessions a half-hour, 45 minutes or an hour.

Time periods are flexible so if you have to miss a lesson and re-schedule that is ok. Rates fluctuate on a sliding scale according to the income you can afford.

I teach guitar at the Dept. of Recreation and Parks and also for a Professional Nationwide Tutoring company, plus have private students.

My SRF background is 37 years. :Angie


Music Classes for Children in Encinitas!

Julie Rose, Ed.D., a talented musician and SRF Encinitas devotee, is starting a music academy for children, offering classes in voice, guitar, piano, drumming, and basic music skills to children of all ages, from birth to 14!
Summer classes will be offered throughout the day, for 30 – 45 minutes, from 9:15 am to 5:15 pm. Please call Julie at 760-815-4890 for a detailed class schedule and fees, or visit

Julie has an angelic voice and a special gift with working with children. She has a doctorate in music education and has produced a lovely CD called “This Dream.” This Dream is a compendium of 9 spiritually inspiring, prayerful songs that resonate with Master’s message of devotion to the Divine. Julie’s soulful voice is hauntingly beautiful. To hear her music, please visit

Software, Photography, Sound and Image Production

Tim Somers Voice Over

A male voiceover professional working full time, Timothy J. Somers specializes in US English Commercial, Narration and e-Learning. He has 25+ years of successful internal and external communications experience, both oral and written. In addition he has served as communications chairperson for charitable non-profit as well as religious-spiritual organizations.

Timothy Somers CV 2018 (PDF)

Summary of Voice Over Qualifications 2018 (PDF)

Summary of Qualifications

Timothy J. Somers is a full time male voiceover professional specializing in US English with 25+ years of success in internal and external messaging, public speaking, training, oral and written communication-based partnership and business development. In addition, he has been communications chairperson for charitable, non-profit organizations. He has studied voiceover at Acting Studio Chicago, Improvisational Acting College of DuPage Theater Department as well as private VO vouching and voice lessons.

Core VO Competencies:

• Commercial, eLearning and Narration

• Fluent in American English language and idioms

• Male Midwest USA, clear, neutral accent, concise pronunciation

• Communications experience in business and non-profit sectors include: Healthcare, Entertainment, General, Television, Spiritual, Religious, Christian, Hindu, Yoga, Meditation, Public Health, Public Relations, Mortgage Banking, Financial, Media, Sales, Fund Raising, Capital Campaigns, Urban, Country, World Travel, Sustainable Development, Marketing.

• Mic: Shure SM7B with Cloudlifter
• Audio Interface: Yamaha Steinberg UR22 mk II
• DAW: Studio One Professional
• Plugins: Waves, Izotope denoiser and others, Fabfilter, Softube, Altiverb, McDsp

• Voiceover – Acting Studio Chicago
• Improvisational Acting – Amelia Barrett – College of DuPage
• Private voice lessons – David Govertsen
• Coaching – Kate McClanaghan
• Webinars with Joe Loesh and others.
• The Landmark Forum Basic & Advanced Courses

Allain Lagadic

I provide professional website design and development services, specializing in WordPress, Magento, Moodle and Joomla.

My services include:
-Web Design
-WordPress Development
-Responsive Design
-Website Maintenance
-Web Advertising
-Web 2.0 (Faceboox, Youtube, Linkedin, etc)

My motto: Banat Banat Banjai

P.S.: I'm fully bilingual: French / English - Je suis parfaitement bilingue: Français / Anglais

Professional website design and development services


I provide professional website design and development services, specializing in custom WordPress development and responsive (mobile friendly) design.

My services include:
-Custom Web Design
-WordPress Theme Development
-Responsive Design
-Website Maintenance
-Website Hosting
-Logo Design
-Business Cards
-Print Advertisements

"Solve all your problems through meditation," [Lahiri Mahasaya said]. "Attune yourself to the active inner Guidance; the Divine Voice has the answer to every dilemma of life. Though man's ingenuity for getting himself into trouble appears to be endless, the Infinite Succor is no less resourceful." quoted in Autobiography of a Yogi

Augusto Vico

I am a EU citizen, I currently live in Italy and have a house in Encinitas, where I would like to move.

I am a professional IT consultant, specialised in Business Intelligence, databases and software development.

I'm looking for IT companies that might be interested in my skills and/or other professionals who might be interested in starting a partnership/venture over there.

You can contact me at my email:

LightRay FX
Jonah West


LightRay FX is a full service visual effects company, creating fx for music videos, commercials, TV, and feature films all around the world.

Services: Concept Design, On-Set VFX supervision, 3D CGI, matte painting, and compositing.

I've been a devotee of Guruji since I was 12 years old, and his teachings have been the greatest blessing on my life.

Through my work I seek to realize God more and more by serving Him and others the best way I can

Richard Bychowski Hiranyaloka Web Design and Search Engine Optimization
2150 Oxford Ave
Cardiff CA 92007

Hiranyaloka Web Design and SEO

Hiranyaloka Web Design and SEO

Contact Rick Bychowski at

Bring your small business to the world wide web! I will work with you to design, build and operate your business on the web. Including shopping carts, mailing lists, contact forms, video, photo galleries, and search engine optimization.

Here's a sample of my work:

Catalyst Creative Services

Expert advice on what works and how to promote and operate your
business on the web.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Free support for 45 days.

Rick Bychowski

Joe Butts Photography

Telephone: (505) 388-2826

Silver City, New Mexico 88061

Video Friend
Vinod Tailang
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dealing in BOSCH security equipments, Audio equipments, Fire detectors and intrussion allarms.

M/s Astute Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Networking and Software solutions at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Our email address is :

M/s Astute Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Shop# 1, Guru Krupa,
Apna Bazar Road,
I.I.T Market, Powai,
Mumbai, PIN code :400076 India
Telefax : 91-22-5798181/5785645

We can provide following services:

Our gross annual revenue is about 20 million Indian Rupees.

Mark Millman

I have a computer consulting business in the Encinitas area and am an SRF Member. I have quite a few SRF devotees as customers but would like to promote my services to other devotees that may not get to the temple.

Here is a summary of what I do.

Phone: (760) 613-2257

Mark Millman

Shirley Kaiser Designs

SKDesigns provides a wide range of services to design, develop, and maintain the website that is just right for your needs.

Satisfied clients span the United States from coast to coast and throughout the world. Whether you need a new or redesigned website, minor changes, custom graphics, website promotion, consulting, a few tips or training (Internet and related programs), SKDesigns has the expertise for a variety of projects and needs.

Huntington Video Productions
Bruce Huntington

Huntington Video Productions specializes in the production of:

Your project will be given the attention and care it deserves.
Bruce Huntington
Huntington Video Productions
(619) 523-0703
1945 Venice Street
San Diego, CA 92107

Astrological Services

Laurie Baum licensed psychotherapist and certified professional astrologer

• LAURIE A. BAUM, MSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and certified professional astrologer in practice in Encinitas, California. She is the author of A to Z Acrophonology, Everything You Need to Know About Your Astrology Sign, Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, and Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium.

• Laurie has more than 20 years of counseling experience. She blends the ancient wisdom of astrology with traditional psychotherapeutic techniques to help you see the patterns at work in your life. In an astrological reading, Laurie will talk with you about your soul - the reasons you have incarnated, the lessons you are here to learn, and where you are on the wheel of karma. She will talk with you about current influences on your health, wellbeing, career, finances, and relationships. She will look ahead and alert you of the options you may consider. An astrological consultation with Laurie will guide you to the next step in your life.

• You may contact Laurie for a session or to obtain books at, or visit You are welcome to call 760-753-7676.

"I am passionate about sharing the gifts generously bestowed by astrology. I also am eager to teach you about how you can benefit from the sacred insights into your soul."
- Laurie Baum, MSW, Astrological Counselor & Psychotherapist

How I Discovered Astrology & Became an Astrological Counselor

Many people have asked me over the years: “How did a nice girl like you become an astrologer?”

The answer is that several decades ago, I was an unsuspecting skeptic of astrology.

I was a journalist at Business Week Magazine in the heart of midtown Manhattan. It was inconceivable to me at the time that the planets could have any impact on our lives!

Then, I began to have precognitive dreams (dreams about what was coming in the future). The dreams vividly depicted upcoming world events, and I was initially surprised to read weeks later about these events in the newspaper!

The dreams became more personal over time. I would dream about conversations before they would happen, about events that were about to occur in the lives of people close to me, and about future events that would unfold (and did) in my life – including, to my amazement, that I would become an astrologer.

I subsequently dreamed of unimaginable events that would happen in the more distant future, including the 1989 Chinese student revolution at Tiananmen Square and September 11th, 2001 (dreamt in November 1992). During this period, I would tell as many people as I could whom I thought would be affected and would benefit from the information, including a client who worked in a building next to the World Trade Center, who moved to a safe location just months before the tragic events of September 11th.

Over the years, the dreams have been replaced by awareness of unfolding patterns during waking consciousness. These glimpses of the future and the knowledge of unfolding events has guided my work as a counselor and astrologer.

The opening of my superconscious awareness has correlated with knowledge that the sacred geometric patterns in the astrological chart open intuitive neurological centers in the brain.

I am passionate about sharing the gifts generously conferred by astrology, and I also am eager to teach my clients and students about how they can also benefit from the sacred wisdom and insights into the soul and Spirit bestowed by the ancient science of astrology.

Many clients report the uncanny ability of astrology to bring understanding to the past and to foretell transitions in the future. Events that may seem unimaginable from the perspective of the present moment often unfold with greater ease as you learn that your life is flowing according to a plan designed by your soul. Knowledge is power. Having the awareness an astrological reading can provide is invaluable in helping you anticipate, prepare for, deal with, or even transform the range of events that will visit your life. No event is good or bad. With the proper attitude, every event is a learning experience that will help you grow. By having an astrology reading, you give yourself the opportunity to open a window to previously unimagined possibilities. Astrology will help you understand the sometimes unfathomable rhythm of life. An astrological consultation is gift to yourself that is priceless beyond measure.

Laurie Friese · Vedic Astrology (Jyotishis in Sanskrit)

All my life I have been interested in astrology. In my orthodox Christian church it was considered “of the devil.” Then I met Master (1994) through his Autobiography! How thrilled I was! I couldn’t wait to start the Lessons and get Kriya (I did in ’95). He also restored my faith in the accuracy, value and benefits of astrology. People who are hurting, who have suffered terrible abuse, illness or other tragedies find validation in their natal charts. People who have various talents but have been afraid to use them are encouraged. The chart is a picture frozen in time of all our past lives. (Not that I can tell you what they are! Only a Master like Sri Yukteswarji could do that!). Because our natal charts show the habits and talents we’ve created in the past (and as Master tells us we have little free will until we recognize and take charge of our lives), our charts show probabilities of our future. However, I believe that Master was against prediction or fortune telling, because he emphasized the importance of each person using their God-given intelligence, will power and faith to make their choices in life. Therefore, I don’t give predictions or try to change the course of anyone’s life. I do point out the patterns, talents, abilities and perhaps harmful habits that may have been formed in the past and how they may affect your relationships, finances, health, children, career and other areas of life. Bad karma does not have to manifest in the future! Master and the other SRF Gurus always emphasized that our souls do not have to be limited by the actions of the body--that our souls have no karma as they are one with God. However, I do speak in a general way of some of the issues that one may be facing in the future.

Jyotish (Sanskrit: “the science of the heavenly lights”), coming from the highest ages, is a much more ancient system of astrology than Western, which came out of Kali Yuga and thus does not use the correct calculation in their horoscopes. In the Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar tells in the year he was writing just where the beginning of Aries is (not at the Vernal Equinox as the Western astrologers tell you). What this means is that whatever sign of the Zodiac you believe your Sun sign to be, you must go back 22 days in order to get the REAL placement! And that is just for the Sun! Your moon, your rising sign, and all your other planets also have to go back approximately 22 days! You will be surprised that “you” are not who you have thought yourself to be astrologically. This is the most glaring difference between Vedic and Western astrology. There are others and having studied both systems, I find Vedic more accurate and far-reaching than Western. Jyotish is the astrology practiced in India for countless centuries.

It takes me at least an hour, usually more to prepare your chart and then I give your reading by phone or in person (I live in Wisconsin near Saint Paul, Minnesota) and tape it (with your permission). That takes another 1-1/2hrs. Then I make and mail you a CD of our time together. It has been my joy to do this sacred work especially for SRF devotees because they understand the workings of karma and that the true purpose of life is to find God--not to have perfection in this Schoolhouse Earth.

After you have had a natal reading, you may want to come back for a birthday reading showing issues in the next birthday year. People sometimes have urgent questions (“should I take this job, should I marry this person, will I win the election, when will I overcome this disease” are just a few examples) that are best answered with prasna--a chart cast for the moment in time when the question was given to the astrologer. Again, it is not for me to give specific answers but I point to things I see that may make your choices easier.

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Spiritual Matrimony

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Other Services

My name is Mike Creighton and I work at Astrogems, located in Encinitas, CA.

For many years we have been repairing SRF three metal bangles for our customers and local people. Now we are just beginning to offer that service to the rest of the world.

About our bangle repair service:

SRF Three Metal Bangle Repair

• Worn, cracked or broken wires replaced.
• $160 to replace the silver or copper wire.
• $260 tto replace both the silver and copper wire.
• $360 to replace all three wires.
• All repaiirs are done with pure metals.
• As part of the repair process we anneal and polishh your bangle so it looks brand new.
• Over 100 brokenn bangles repaired so far.

For more information visit:

Contact us via email at: or by phone: 760-632-1999 and ask for Mike, Rich or Nick.

What's Your Story?

Angels Of Austria: The Church That Reached Out To Holocaust Survivors

A personal documentary produced by Judy C. Faust

All her adult life in America, Trudy, a Jewish refugee from Austria, blamed herself for failing to rescue her father from the Nazis. Just as she began to share her father's letters that she had tucked away for over fifty years, she received an unusual invitation from a church in Austria asking her to return to her hometown for a week of friendship, seeking forgiveness for their country's crimes of the Holocaust. But how can Trudy forgive them, when she hasn't even forgiven herself? Is it possible to heal from the Holocaust? The daughter, Judy Faust, tells the story and explores the difficult and challenging journey to forgiveness.

Judy C. Faust is owner of What's Your Story? an educational service that connects to history to family stories and the arts. She lives in South Portland, Maine.

Angels Of Austria is touring movie theaters, universities, community centers, churches, synagogues, middle and high schools. She has written a book on her family story called, "Waltzing With Papa: Three Generations To Healing", and offers workshops on related subjects. She is also a personal historian, helping others to tell their story in book/ DVD form. Visit or call Judy for an interview, 207-799-4715. Email:

"God was working with you." Carrie in Waterville, Maine (Railroad Square Cinema)

"The presentation and discussion afterwards was as powerful as the movie. Thank you!" a resident at The Highlands Retirement Community, Topsham.

"Excellent! Deeply moving show! You are effervescent and uplifting and helped discuss difficult topics with a delightful sense of humor. Thank you!" B. Winniker, Boston, Ma

What a wonderful evening of film, storytelling, and discussion you provided for the kick-off of our Hope and Remembering: Honoring and Healing film/discussion series in Portsmouth. On behalf of Awareness UNlimited, Portsmouth Community Radio, and the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies at Keene State College, I want to extend our sincere thanks for your presentation. The audience certainly was caught up in the stories you shared both in the film and through your narratives at the event. Those stories and the important issues of healing and forgiveness in your presentation that lead to some insightful and intense discussion. I believe everyone enjoyed tremendously. The completed feedback sheets included responses to “Quality of presentation” and “Informative and worthwhile” of all 4’s and 5’s (5 = outstanding).
Deb Barry, Awareness UNlimited, Portsmouth, N.H

This is better than a therapy session. I highly recommend Judy's program for all people. It is truly life affirming!" Activity Director at The Cedars, Portland, ME

What's Your Story?
Connecting History to Family Stories & the Arts
Judy Faust

The Yoga Room yoga classes

The Yoga Room / Synergy Yoga Center, Encinitas, CA