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Gita: The Battle of the Worlds

I have recently published a children's book with Harper Collins that brings out the messages of Guruji's Gita for kids. Anything I make goes to SRF. I have been a disciple of Yogananda for 25 years (started following when I was 11)

Here is an interview I did recently about it.

You can also find all the media coverage on my website

In Divine friendship

Will Roberts

The Yoga of Happiness - Click for a larger imageMy new book The Yoga of Happiness is now available at

Drawing on the timeless wisdom of our Divine Guru, The Yoga of Happiness presents the heart of the spiritual life in a few short pages, opening a universal channel for devotees and atheists alike to pursue the highest spirituality. The book is purposely non-denominational to avoid all obstacles of dogma and creed.

I hope fellow devotees will be inspired to read the book and recommend it to others, especially those in their life who might not be ready for the AY but who are drawn just the same to yoga or meditation. This book could give them a great big nudge in the right direction. Moreover, in my humble opinion, this book coupled with Where There Is Light would make an excellent gift for anyone interested in yoga or meditation. (My book, like Where There Is Light, is available in Kindle as well as paperback format.)

To encourage a wider readership I have assigned the minimum price that Amazon requires (US $2.99 or the equivalent in other currencies) for Kindle worldwide distribution to the US, Canada, Europe, India, Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. (Kindle Unlimited members, however, can borrow it for free.) The paperback likewise is affordably priced. We live in a remarkable time, when self-publishers at almost no cost, and without the need for maintaining any inventory, can make their books available on demand all over the world!

Introduction to The Yoga of Happiness

The Yoga of Happiness presents a clear and simple plan for living a much happier life. It demonstrates how we can find the greatest happiness by learning to express our true nature more in daily life.
When we learn to perceive the deeper reality within us, and live according to its ideals, we feel its endless power like a great waterfall continually replenishing our lives with wisdom, strength, beauty, peace, and joy.

May all who read this book, and take its message to heart, find that tremendous joy.

Praise for The Yoga of Happiness

“This is a beautifully written book. Simple, honest, easy to follow instructions that inspire soul searching.” – Gabriele H.

"You write so eloquently, making sense out of what seemed complex. I absolutely loved your book. I believe it will help many people." – Laura H.
"A spiritual jewel." Ellyn M.

"I just finished reading your inspiring book. I love the "technique of meditation on the breath" — I practiced it after reading each step, and it works! Good reminder for meditators and those just beginning. This book will be a faithful companion to whoever reads it. I found it full of hope and positivity, encouraging the reader to take a journey to rediscover their soul, helping themselves and others along the way. I found myself more “present" after reading the book and in a calm, peaceful place." – Cathy R.

Barbara Roberts

Face Reading - Click for a larger imageMy book, FACE READING - HOW TO KNOW ANYONE AT A GLANCE.

The idea started with Paramahansa Yogananda's Man's Eternal Quest, wherein he talks about Character reading.

I've been doing "Face Reading" for 35 years, with the original blessing from Daya Mata (who read my books) and Sr. Lakshmi and Br. Santoshananda.

I was a guest on over 75 national/local TV shows, one of which featured Master's photo (InSide San Diego). For his Centennial, I talked about him on TV as an "Old Soul" - describing his life. Thousands tuned into the Show.

Have had the honor of looking at 10,000 people's faces and my system of Face Reading honors all Ethnic backgrounds, ages and genders.

It is also featured on, and has the highest rating of any book on this Topic. 220 5-star ratings.
Purchase Face Reading

TV Shows about Face Reading

On I have One Million people following my videos. (My background is Clinical Medical Research, USCD.)

India Unveiled by Robert Arnett

Wonderful photography and text about India

Available at Amazon.

India Unveiled CoverThe following are two multi-award-winning books by long time devotees Robert Arnett and Smita Turakhia. Both books are each in over 10,000 school libraries, classrooms, and public libraries in USA.

See 2017 Holiday Special--Limited Time Offer below

India Unveiled: Spirit, Tradition, People

by Robert Arnett (Author and Photographer) and Smita Turakhia (Editor and Associate Photographer)
ISBN: 978-0965290098

This award-winning book has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most revealing compendiums ever written about the country. The stunning photography and engaging text with an insightful portrait of its people, landscape, and diverse culture truly captures the essence of Master’s India.

“The best book on India there is.”
Ambassador Ajit Kumar, India’s ambassador to the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

“Perfectly expressed truths and magnificent photos….[The] sixth edition of India Unveiled…is a must have for anyone who loves India and wants to share it with the world.” Hinduism Today

India Unveiled Back Cover“Wonderful coffee table book….The photographs are magnificent, and the text is right on target. The best armchair trip to India I’ve seen.”
Philip Goldberg Author of American Veda: How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

Signed Copies can be purchased at special price from: (will be inscribed upon request)

Also available at Amazon

2017 Holiday Special--Limited Time Offer
November 20-December 31, 2017 only

INDIA UNVEILED: Spirit, Tradition, People
by Robert Arnett
Internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning “Best Book on India”

$38 each only (Retail and Amazon price $65)
Includes USPS media mail shipping
Add $7.95 for FedEx Ground shipping. All copies autographed.
307 color photographs on 170 gram Garda gloss art, acid-free paper
308 pages, 9.5 x 12.5 inches, includes timeline, glossary, and index
ISBN: 978-0965290098

Download Word file about this special

Mailing address: Atman Press, 2104 Cherokee Ave., Columbus, GA 31906
Email: Tel: 706-323-6377
Major credit cards accepted. Make checks payable to: Atman Press (GA residents add 8% tax)
For more information on the book visit

India Unveiled has been approved for all Indian Embassies and Foreign Missions worldwide, and 350 copies have been purchased by the Government of India.


Fiinders Keepers CoverFinders Keepers? A True Story in India
by Robert Arnett (Author)
and Smita Turakhia (Illustrator)

ISBN: 978-0965290081

The author describes his bust journey to a small town in India. At a stop he loses his wallet and is happy to have it returned by a small boy, who refuses a reward for his honesty. To the boy, getting a reward for doing the right thing was unthinkable.

With vibrant and colorful artwork, the text and illustrations introduce the traditions, daily life, and culture of the people of India. The story emphasizes important universal values for children. Includes glossary, pronunciations of Indian words, facts on India, character-building questions, and India craft activity.

Fiinders Keepers Spanish Cover>¿Es mío? (978-0965290005)

Finders Keepers? (978-0965290081) has been translated into Spanish under the title
¿Es mío? (978-0965290005)
by Olimpia Rodriguez, a long time devotee from Puerto Rico.

Signed Copies can be purchased at special price from: (will be inscribed upon request)

Also available at Amazon:



Both books also can be purchased by contacting:
Phone: 706-323-6377
Mail: 2104 Cherokee Avenue. Columbus, Georgia 31906, USA

The Miler
by Hap Cawood

The Miler Cover, click for a  larger image

Bobby Hart
AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Psychedelic Bubble Gum, Boyce & Hart, The Monkees, and Turning Mayhem into Miracles

Bobby Hart is also President of the Hollywood Temple Lay Disciple Group, and has been serving Master's work for decades. He is a musical icon, and spiritual giant.

Psychedelic Bubble Gum cover, click for a larger imageBook Signing:

DATE & TIME: Tuesday May 19th, 7:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Bookstar/Studio City
12136 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 818-505-9528
Parking lot in the back of the store

For most of the last three weeks, Bobby's book has remained in the #1 position at, chart for Pop Biography New Releases.



“Bobby’s deep and powerful spiritual odyssey of yoga, bhakti, seva and the teachings of Yogananda” ---Benjy Wertheimer, Chant Master & co founder of Shantala

“The journey of spiritual liberation is shedding the fear that keeps us from finding out who we really are under the masks we wear. Here Bobby gives us a peek under the masks.” —Peter Tork, singer, actor, Monkee

“The enchantment that Bobby creates in his new book is as compelling as the magic in the blink of Jeannie’s eyes” —Barbara Eden, star of I Dream of Jeannie

“His years of meditation and self-discipline are inspiring. One man’s successful pursuit of happiness” —Desiree Rumbaugh, creator of Yoga to the Rescue DVD series

“The inspiration comes from his affection and guiding hand, like an older brother who cares” —Keith Allison, Paul Revere & the Raiders

“As spiritually juicy as the title suggests. I highly recommend it to any who wants to be inspired to fulfill their dreams ­ whether worldly or spiritual” ---Katie Silcox, author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy: Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women

Barnes & Noble - Bookstar/Studio City, Studio City CA - 190k - similar pagesItems 1 - 10 of 23... See details for Barnes & Noble in Bookstar/Studio City, Studio City CA. View upcoming sales and events or get directions and hours of …

If you’ve ever sung “Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkees”, you’ve got songwriter Bobby Hart to thank. This titan of rock ‘n’ roll shares his intensely personal tale as one of America’s leading hit makers in PSHCHEDELIC BUBBLE GUM: Boyce & Hart, The Monkees, and Turning Mayhem into Miracles (SelectBooks, May 2015

PSYCHEDELIC BUBBLE GUM is as much a spiritual guidebook as it is a memoir. It’s the tale of one of the most iconic songwriters and producers of our time, and how he made it through with his soul intact. Being a hit factory can take a spiritual toll, and Hart’s search led him to yoga meditation as a way to keep his life in balance.

In PSYCHEDELIC BUBBLE GUM, Hart offers an inside look into the music industry of the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. He details the pitfalls he encountered and the lessons he learned on his own journey and offers tips on: how to reinforce your own creativity, finding your unique role in life, and actualize your goals - whether they are spiritual or worldly.

As half of the fabulously successful team of Boyce & Hart, Bobby helped create the sound of America’s answer to the British invasion, allowing the Monkees to out sell the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined in 1967. That year, Boyce & Hart embarked on successful careers as recording artists and performers, in their own right. They charted five hit records including the top ten, “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight”. But, this wasn’t the beginning or the end of Bobby’s contributions to America’s Top Forty.

Bobby Hart’s other top ten hits include ”Come a Little Bit Closer” (Jay and the Americans), “Hurt So Bad” (Linda Ronstadt, Little Anthony, the Lettermen), “Last Train to Clarksville”, “Words”, “Valleri” (the Monkees), “Something’s Wrong With Me” (Austin Roberts), “Keep On Singing (Helen Reddy) and “Dominos” (Robbie Nevil). Throughout his forty year career, his songs have been recorded by artists as diverse as Alicia Keys, the Sex Pistols, New Edition, Andy Williams, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Lulu, Dean Martin, Roger Williams, Herman’s Hermits, and Lester Flat & Earl Scruggs.

For music lovers all over the world, Hart’s music is the soundtrack of their lives, thanks not only to his hit records, but also to the music he composed for television, including: Days of Our Live, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Saturday Night Live, Gilmore Girls, Jag, The Partridge Family, The Monkees, Josie & The Pussycats, I Dream of Jeannie, Peyton Place, Bewitched, Oz, Home Improvement, Growing Pains, and X-Files.

Movies that use his songs include: Nine to Five, Tender Mercies, Freebie and the Bean, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Joy Luck Club, A Very Brady Seque, George of the Jungl, Queen’s Logic, Sid and Nancy, Where Angles Go Trouble Follows and Unholy Rollers.

BOBBY HART, half of the songwriting team of Boyce & Hart has sung, written and/or produced songs whose records, CDs and downloads approach 100 million in sales. He has been nominated for Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Awards, and is the subject of a 2015 documentary “The Guys Who Wrote ‘Em”.

Psychedelic Bubble Gum Facebook page, Please visit

Lisa Ljungberg

Audio Book Narrator

COVEN - "Where witchcraft meets murder" in the town of Putnam, CT

Written by Tony Ruggiero and narrated by Lisa Cordray (aka Lisa Ljungberg devotee)

Available for purchase at, and in Mp3 player format

Theresiu Janicki-Hardy, Poet

I’d like to share with you all that our dear SRF devotee friend Theresiu Janicki-Hardy (from the Hampshire group, England) has published such a beautiful book of her wonderful Inspirational Poems "Calling the Beloved". She has already had many wonderful reactions and people tell her they have been in tears, loving the poems which help them to be uplifted and touch their souls. I attach the photo of the cover, and a pic of Theresiu. I also copy below excerpts of the introduction:

“I welcome you to share a journey with me through the valleys and up the mountains of our lives, from the depth of our human feelings to the joy of soaring with the Divine Companion who is always with us, guiding and blessing us.
These poems are a reflection of these connections in which the joy of the communion and the grief of its seeming absence at other times are expressed. The poems poured from me, often several in a row, sometimes after deep meditation, at other times during sleepless nights or as tears flowed freely.
Our journeys are all highly individual, but often share many common experiences. We all come from the same source of Light and we are all sparks of that Light returning to the Father/Mother from whom we came into being. At times we are lost in the trials of life and our personalities, in the little and larger dramas of our relationships and lives. Yet we are always loved and are never less than Divine.
May you find upliftment and joy in reading these poems while travelling your journey – our journey – back to the One we truly are!
With love, light and blessings,

And one of the poems...

"Calling the Beloved" has been published in hardback and soft back format by Balboa Press, which is part of Hay House. It is available from Balboa Press, Amazon and your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer:
978-1-4525-7761-6 (SC ISBN)
978-1-4525-7762-3 (HC ISBN)
978-1-4525-7763-0 (Ebook ISBN)

Poems by a Devotee

by Sharifah Rosso

A Life's Retrospective Reflections on Divine Love, Light and Beauty

In honor of Sri Daya Mata's 100th Birthday Centennial January 31, 2014, recent updates have been made to the SRI DAYA MATA, MOTHER OF COMPASSION post on my web site, entitled "Poems by a Devotee, a Life's Retrospective Reflections on Divine Love, Light and Beauty" ( ), which contains personal correspondence from her from about 1971 to 2010. This post's URL address is

They include "Soaring on an Overtone", which is dedicated to dear Antoinette (Nettie) van Leuween and includes many beautiful compositions and videos inspired by her native land, Indonesia. Included in it is an older video of Wayang Orang, Court style Javanese Dance, depicting Arjuna and Lord Krishna performed to a recording of Gamelan Music directed by my teacher K.R.T. Wasidipuro as well as sample Gamelan music from Sunda, Mayasia, Bali and Java.

The most recent new post is a poem by my devotee grandmother, Rosilla (Rose) Tooles Harris who served for years at the Lake Shrine. I have made this section a little tribute to her and included some American Songs arranged by Aaron Copeland, "The Last Rose of Summer" sung by Amelia Galla Curci, and some other inspiring compositions as well as a couple beautiful Youtube videos of the Lake Shrine and a photo collage of my grandmother's 75th Birthday Celebration held by the Lake Shrine Devotees including glimpses of Brother Turiyananada and Brother Dharmananda.

In addition, I have added some beautiful Gamelan Shadow plays and dances, emphasizing stories about Arjuna's battles with "Demons" in the Gamelan Section, Hebrew Sacred Services honoring the recent Holy Days and Dora Grynwald's mother who passed on recently, and a beautiful performance of Gustavo Dudamel (LA Philharmonic Conductor) and wonderful violinist Hilary Hahn performing for the pope.

Lindsay Boyd

Short stories, articles, reviews, novel excerpts and translations (from Spanish to English) can be found at my web site / blog:

The Second of Three book cover - click for a larger image (2,352 KB)In 2013 Jaffa Books in Australia published an e-book version of my novel Proper Respect for a Wound. 'Proper Respect for a Wound' tells a heartwarming and inspiring tale surrounding a small community in the Dominican Republic. The story "finds the artistic potential and cultural currency of the personal confessional and crafts a tale that will lead his audience to identify with the disabled and their caregivers." - Mark Decker, Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine. Available as E-book

'The Second of Three', book one of a two-part travel memoir. When you're born at the end of the line there's only one place to go. Such is the realisation and primary motivating force at the heart of The Second of Three. For those whom fate has decreed birth and upbringing in a kind of no mans land - whether a figurative or a literal one or a combination of both - the urge to find a sense of 'place' and 'belonging' may be ever more strongly felt. Available as an e-book in multiple formats at:

From A Caregiver's Point Of View book cover - click for a larger image (1,096 KB)'From A Caregiver's Point Of View', book two of a two-part 'travel memoir', about care giving and receiving within and outside a multitude of intentional communities around the world is now available at smashwords: Kindle version from Amazon.

Peace and Jai Guru,
Lindsay Boyd


My literary fiction mystery novel Inevitable.

Jai Guru,

The Disadvantages of Being Tall, fourteen tales of life and love:


Tara and her husband Tyler cycled around the world a few years ago. Tara has just launched her cookbook, Bike.Camp.Cook. She's documented her adventures and has created a delightful collection of photos, recipes, and stories all wrapped in one gorgeous and practical volume.

I invite you to click on the above link to see Tara preview the book. Also, catch up on what she and Tyler are creating on their land in the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont.

Of course, if you want to get a copy of the book, or several copies to give as gifts this coming holiday season, you'll be able to do that as well.

Dust From the Trail

A website with a collection of original poems and stories by Dean Foster.

New poems by Dean Foster at under the heading "An Old Pair of Moccasins." They express thoughts about spiritual principles and the battle of life.

Some titles include, "Conquering," "I Listen to the Wind," and "Will and Won't."

The words of a poem may stick in the mind,
And come back to help in a difficult time.

To you on the same journey walking,
These words from my soul I am offering.
A few lines I add to an ongoing tale;
These poems the dust from the trail.

Krista Pompey - The BecomingKrista Pompey - The Becoming. Click for a larger image
by Chana Thompson

Chana Thompson, a devoted kriyaban, is the author of the book "Krista Pompey - The Becoming." This is the story of a young girl who has recently moved from her country to America. Adjusting to new changes and demands are not easy. Out of the blue, something happens which completely transforms her world. Krista is given a challenge dealing with a gift which is bigger than herself. Luckily, she has her grandmother’s help, but is her grandmother’s help enough?

This wondrous journey with Krista brings out the hidden human potential lying in all of us.

The purpose of the book is to share with pre-teens a world where through good action positive karma can be manifested and realized in their worlds. The story is written in a child-friendly concept where spirituality is subtle yet ever-present.

The book is available on Amazon and can be ordered at bookstores.


Little Wave and Old Swell
A Fable of Life and Its Passing
by Jim Ballard

This is to inform all devotees of a just-publlished book entitled "Little Wave and Old Swell." It is a hardback gift edition, beautifully illustrated, of a spiritual fable based on tParamahansa Yogananda's frequently-used metaphor of human life as a wave on the Ocean of God.

Among other themes, the story illustrates the guru-disciple relationship; dangers of competition, excitement, and negative friendships; meditation on the Om; the nature of delusion, and dealing with life's ending. There is much life learning involved in Little Wave's adventures. For busy people, Old Swell's wise counsel of "Don't hurry, don't stop" can be taken to heart. The story of how Little Wave faces death (going back into the Great Deep) has already proven to be of great help to children and families in bereavement.

Available from Amazon.

Press release for Little Wave and Old Swell (pdf format 529 KB)

Jim Ballard Bio (pdf format 796 KB)

Sample page from "Little Wave and Old Swell" (pdf format 2.8 MB)

My Wisdom Inspired Life, A Provocative True Story
Richard Haasnoot
Founder and Author

I have created a web site with a very strong SRF multiple SARF books in the book forum area and many references to Guru's teachings in the blog.

My sixth book, My Wisdom Inspired Life, A Provocative True Story, is my story of dramatically waking up and living a wisdom inspired life that led me to our Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. As a kriyaban, I am nourished every day by my love for and commitment to our Guru.

This book is my true story about a provocative journey through psychics, healing, UFOs, fundamental life transformation, Tibetan masters, and finally to our Guru. The transformation included waking up from being a career driven, Type A corporate executive to a person who continues to create a wisdom inspired life.

I have simultaneously launched It is a wisdom community web site where you can share, contribute, create, learn, buy and sell. The web site has a very strong focus on our Guru. For example, there are four forums dedicated to Guru's books.

I greatly appreciate your consideration of sharing the attached with people in your group.

Available from on Kindle and Paperback

From Tennessee to the Taj MahalFrom Tennessee to the Taj Mahal Cover (click for a larger image)
by Martha Rather

With the idea of contributing uplifting fictional entertainment to the world, I have written and published the first novel in a series called "Romantic India." The story begins with two young women from Nashville, TN, who win a trip to India which is their greatest wish come true! While in India, they have many interesting experiences, conflicts, dreams of past lives, and unexpected romantic encounters.

This book is written for the general public, but SRF Devotees will notice hidden quotes, by ordinary people, from our line of gurus. As we have learned, there is a bit of the Divine in each of us.

You might remember that I take people on SRF Pilgrimages occasionally. This series will not be about any of that, nor will these people visit any SRF shrines in future books. I consider those places to be holy and the experiences there to be private.

The people in this series are totally fictional, but historic sites are real. I took great care to get the historic data correct.

Other than that, people are enjoying the read. On Amazon, you can check the "Look Inside" feature to read a little before deciding to buy. The Kindle edition is 2.99 cents. It is available on all Amazon sites, including USA, India, UK, Europe, etc. (also available in paperback)

I would also appreciate a review after you read it. I hope you enjoy it and have a good laugh!

"FROM TENNESSEE TO THE TAJ MAHAL" By Martha Rather now available on

Coming in April : Romantic India #2 "Touching India's Heart"

Martha Rather
Martha Rather on Facebook

Meditation - Where East and West Meet

Alex Jones

Meditation: Where East and West Meet by Alexander Soltys Jones

Meditation Where East and West Meet (book link)

Content from the back cover of the book

Awaken yourself to find the peace, vitality, intuition, love, joy, and the presence of God within you through the practice of meditation. In Meditation: Where East and West Meet, author and longtime meditation expert Alexander Soltys Jones details a unique approach to the art of meditation that will touch your life and nurture your soul.

Utilizing a goal-centered approach, Jones details an eight-step journey to show you how you can awaken your Diamond Essence-your soul. Blending the Eastern and Western approaches to meditation, Meditation: Where East and West Meet directs you from the beginning stages to the final realization in order to reap the many physical and spiritual benefits of meditation.

This complete guide includes a discussion of the varied methods of meditation and provides an opportunity to practice and proceed at your own pace. Meditation: Where East and West Meet, augmented with many quotes and personal illustrations, narrates how the daily practice of meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It is the golden road that can lead to loving fulfillment and satisfaction. Through this guide, Jones encourages you to seek the ultimate goal-the union of the spirit with that of the Creator.

Order from or from Amazon.

About Alex Jones

Alex was a monk in the SRF order for 5 years in the seventies. In the early years his books and music were sold at Encinitas Imports. Daya Mata graciously supported and encouraged Alex in his work and wrote, "I appreciate your sending me a copy of the new book [Conversations With Christ] you have written. May God bless you in your efforts to help others." Sri Daya Mata

Alex has just recently published a new book called Meditation Where East and West Meet blending Eastern and Western approaches to meditation showing the one common goal of entering the silence within to attain Self-Realization. He uses many quotes and stories of Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Daya Mata in the book.

All Alex Jones books and CD's can be explored and ordered from

Messages from Jesus - A Dialogue of LoveMessages from Jesus Cover, click for a larger image
Mary Ann Johnston

Name of Book: Messages from Jesus - A Dialogue of Love


As a young child, I was very close to Jesus. He was my invisible friend. I loved His nearness and found comfort in His presence, but I learned to keep these experiences to myself. Jesus never faded from my awareness during all my growing up years and as an adult. When I was 62 years old my relationship with Him was no longer just a personal one. It became all-encompassing and meant for all people. I began to write His words. Jesus is speaking through many others at this time in history and His messages are both timely and timeless. He discusses threats to our health, safety, and environment that didn't exist before. He presents spiritual concepts that few could have understood two thousand years ago. But He also enables us to more fully comprehend the timeless truths He lived and taught at that time. Many people have informed me that this book has given them comfort, hope, and strength for meeting daily challenges, deepened their understanding of truth, answered many of their questions, and helped them be more loving and forgiving. So now I share with you what is very sacred to me: my experiences with Jesus and His messages of truth and love.

This book is available in multi-formats. and from Amazon.
Sixty Seconds CoverSixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything
by Phil Bolsta

Translated into four languages, “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything” is a collection of 45 inspiring, life-changing stories from prominent people Phil interviewed, including Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, geneticist Dr. Francis Collins, acclaimed sportswriter Frank Deford, Dr. Larry Dossey, Wayne Dyer, Dan Millman, Caroline Myss, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, Dr. Bernie Siegel, James Van Praagh, singer Billy Vera, Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsch, and bassist Victor Wooten.

Find “Sixty Seconds” on Amazon at

For more information, visit

Visit Phil’s uplifting blog at

Contact Phil at

Many of our most profound life changes happen in the blink of an eye though we don’t always recognize them. To recognize them is to be blessed with profound new awareness for a fresh direction in our lives. The stories in this book each offer their own magic, perhaps teaching us to open our eyes to life’s greatest lessons.
Hal Zina Bennett, author of “The Lens of Perception: A User’s Guide to Higher Consciousness”

Life is made up of a series of moments, moments that often fly by without notice, vaporizing into the past. And yet, every once in awhile, an experience seems to make time stand still. A mere moment has such a profound effect upon our lives that we are changed forever. Those moments are the ones we remember, and reflect on, and carry with us. Phil Bolsta has put together a beautiful collection of just such moments, shared by some of the most accomplished and respected teachers of our time. This book, and the moving stories contained in its pages, is absolutely awesome. I love it!
Lissa Coffey, author of “What’s Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love”

wow! and double wow!! Is what this remarkable book is! If you want to have an exclamation mark in your understanding of our world by some of the best living thinkers, teachers, speakers, leaders and contributors to this book now, you will thank me in your prayers for recommending it.
Mark Victor Hansen, coo-creator of the #1 New York Times best-selling series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Through God's Eyes CoverThrough God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World
by Phil Bolsta

“Through God’s Eyes” is the owner’s manual God should give you when you’re born.
-- Author Robert Peterson

When you feel stuck in your job or relationship . . . when all you worked for leaves you feeling empty inside . . . when fear of what is to come consumes sleepless nights . . . when love seems like an impossible choice to make . . . when the world is not large enough to contain your grief . . . when you struggle to forgive the unforgivable . . . there is one solution that brings true peace.

See the world through God's eyes.

Look through God's eyes and you see that you are being guided in every moment with infinite wisdom and inexhaustible love, that life is unfolding with indescribable beauty and grace, that Spirit is gently urging you to align your will with Divine Will and be a source of love, hope, and healing energy to all who cross your path.

The ancient wisdom permeating "Through God's Eyes" offers the hope and promise that you can escape from the prison of human perception, welcome peace, love, and joy as your dearest friends, and become a more positive and powerful force for good in the world.

Who will benefit from reading “Through God’s Eyes?”
Anyone who is on a spiritual path, or wants to be.
Anyone who loves life, or wants to learn how to.
Anyone who is happy, or wants to be happier.

Find “Through God’s Eyes” on Amazon.

For more information, visit

Visit Phil’s uplifting blog at

Contact Phil at

“Through God’s Eyes” is s a superb book, a truly enlightened piece of work that is an essential read for all people who are truly devoted to the care and refinement of their soul. Phil is a contemporary mystic, a man whose life is a living commitment to spiritual service. I am honored to know him.
Caroline Myss, author of “Anatomy of the Spirit” and “Defy Gravity”

Regardless of how you conceive the Absolute—as God, Goddess, Allah, Universe, or simply as a sense of cosmic beauty and order—your belief will be enriched by “Through God’s Eyes.” This fine book is a refreshing departure from the preachy ideology of religious dogmatism. It reveals the richness, complexity, and meaning of everyday life, warts and all.
Larry Dossey, MD, author of “The Power of Premonitions

That Heaven book cover, Click for a larger image

That Heaven - A Sojourn to Heaven, Living in the Presence of God and Great Ones

by Mary Ann Johnston

I have been a devotee of Jesus ever since he first appeared to me when I was five. Though surrounded by Christian structure, I conversed in "heart talk" with Jesus, and this became a part of my everyday life. In 1998, at Jesus' urging, I moved to Song of the Morning Retreat in Michigan, where I discovered Yogananda. Then, in 2002, Jesus, accompanied by Yogananda and three other masters, urged me to write books, sharing my spiritual experiences and their messages with humanity. This I have done, and my latest book, That Heaven, is now available.

In That Heaven, I describe as best I can the glory of the heaven I visited in a near-death experience in 2005. Upon my return to duality, the longing to go back was intense, for this had been the most profound experience of my life, different from other out-of-body experiences I have had, in that I was not an observer separate from God, but was fully united with God. Ego was gone and my soul had merged with its Source. I write of this and also of how Yoganandaji helped me sort out the longing to go back.

In another chapter, I relate a beautiful experience with Yogananda at Mother Center during Convocation. There are other experiences with Yogananda, his words of encouragement and hope for our times, and seven important directives from Babaji. In a chapter about these so-called End Times from which a new civilization is emerging-an excerpt of which is on my website-Yogananda tells us: "Those who do not allow darkness to reign in their hearts and do not lose sight of their divine essence and the spiritual nature of creation will experience higher and higher states of love and awareness. Many are climbing out of darkness, even amidst the chaos. "Think of the finite dancing with the Infinite, freedom from fear, time embracing Eternity, and Mother Earth a paradise."

Please visit: There you can read excerpts from my books, and you will also find direct connection to purchase any of them from Amazon and in Kindle and other ebook formats.

I feel that SRF devotees will especially appreciate That Heaven. Mary Ann

Best of Friends book cover, Click for a larger image Photo of Don Dahlstrom

Best of Friends
Don Dahlstrom, author, "Best of Friends", Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Here is a synopsis of the book, "Best of Friends":

Best of Friends is a story about the power of meditation.

When an asteroid threatens Earth, five college age boys--who remember each other from a violent past life--are brought together in the 21st Century to work on a spiritual solution to averting this disaster. This spiritual journey introduces the young men to Kriya Yoga meditation, and to the precepts of spiritual leaders of our time such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. It inspires them to action with the life stories of such spiritual greats as Sri Daya Mata, Indra Devi and John Dear. Along the way they learn the power that meditation can have on the world around them.

The book, "Best of Friends" by Don Dahlstrom, is available at

Don Dahlstrom has been a Devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda since 1967 at the SRF Lake Shrine Temple. Don worked for 30 years as a tool and die maker for Douglas Aircraft in Los Angeles. He is retired, and now enjoys organic gardening.

Don, who is now legally blind, was guided in meditation by Yogananda to write the book "Best of Friends". With the help of over 2 dozen Lake Shrine devotees, Don was able to research, write and get this book published by iUniverse. Everyone who helps Don feels they are receiving a special blessing from Yogananda.

The Measure of Christ's Love: In His Own Words, Jesus Reveals the Mysteries of His Teachings
By Catherine Julian Dove & Vera Lauren

Greeting, I am thrilled to announce November 29th is the highly anticipated launch of my book, but I warn you please do not be put off by the title we were "given." If you know anything about me, you know this is not a religious book and the teachings are meant for everyone no matter what you believe. Master's support and input was ever present because he wanted to be part of this. I am both humbled and honored. The making of this book is a book in itself, and the title is,

The Measure of Christ's Love. (This is bittersweet news because of the devastating physical loss of my sister friend and partner Catherine Julian Dove; however, of course Catherine is still instrumental in helping me propel this honorable privilege we continue to share.)

Getting this book to print was quite a challenge, and not for the reasons you may be thinking. Any teaching of this spiritual magnitude threatens those of darkness and they attempt to cause havoc, but at the very most it is temporary because light always triumphs. In this case, there were nearly two years of delays "beyond our control," but last spring the Celestial Christ told me that the 2011 holiday season was always their desired book release date; so I detached from the outcome and left it in their hands. It is our hope you will read this book with an open heart and ask the Christ and your Presence to assist you in its understanding. I thank you in advance for helping raise the consciousness of the world by sharing this sacred teaching, and for all your prayers and letters of support. When the audio version of the book becomes available I will notify you. This book is a first in a series and soon the second will go to print, and I will subsequently let you know that release date.

Please email everyone on your contact lists, as well as using all your social networking to let people know the book is now available to purchase. If anyone is willing to share media contacts that is greatly appreciated as I would love to discuss this book on some talk shows to open minds and advance sales. Thanks for all your support, and I welcome feedback.

You can order the book by calling Tate Publishing (888) 361-9473 (toll-free) or (405-256-6353).

You may also go through the Tate Publishing website,, and eventually it will be in stores, on Amazon, etc. Or click on:

Tip sheet file-

Click for a larger image

Click for a larger image


by Lisa I Meriweather

Lisa on Facebook
Ambrosia on Amazon

Ignite the Flame of Inspiration in the New Year with Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs, paperback 8½”x 5½” 94 pages. Contains over 500 inspirational and motivational SEED-THOUGHTS compiled by 56 categories, plus breathing exercises to calm the mind. For more in-formation visit $12.95/ea, shipping $3.95, plus Ca. tax $1.13 (8.75%). Also available from Amazon.

Cook Book - Discover Tofu, spiral bound 7”x 8½”, 66 pages. Contains 60 easy to prepare recipes, including some authentic Old World recipes prepared with tofu. $12.95/ea, shipping $3.95, plus Ca. tax $1.13 (8.75%).

Quotations from Ambrosia on wooden plaques 8”x 10” The Images are created by Magic Wings. The plaques (see images on lower right) are handcrafted by a local artist. Quotations been selected from Ambrosia. You may choose a quotation of your choice, e-mail your request to Lisa Depending on the grain of wood, lends each plaque a unique and different look. $29.95/ea, shipping $6.95, plus Ca. tax $2.62 (8.75%) Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Please do not send cash. Make money order or check payable to Magic Wings, and mail to PO Box 4536 West Hills, CA 91308. Books can also be ordered through Amazon. Questions to Lisa,

All Items made in America

Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs / Book Review’s

“We empower words and thoughts by entertaining them in our mind. Ambrosia contains over 500 inspirational seed – thoughts, one can use to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Here is what some people had to say about Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs:

Life is a journey – sometimes over wondrous mountain tops of joy and other times through dark valleys of pain and despair. For Lisa Meriweather that journey was facilitated and made bearable by the inspired wisdom of others who have traveled the way before. This book is her effort to share just some of the reflections that encouraged her most on her trip through life: Ambrosia-the fruit of many courageous souls.” ~ Nancy Kitchen, Editor & Library Director Emeritus, Pepperdine University ~ Calabasas, CA. She is also Editor of Ambrosia and has my eternal gratitude.

“When I first started reading Ambrosia, by the 3rd. page I said, “Wow! This book is great.” It is not a book to read straight through, it is to powerful. It is to dip into and find pleasure, inspiration or comfort under each topic.” ~ Nancy Sanford, Nursing Professor Emeritus ~ Canoga Park, CA

“Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs – This Book, is a unique collection of quotes that is perfect to reference when you need to take a few minutes to step away from the challenges of daily life, slow down and take a deep breath to put things back into perspective and rejuvenate your demeanor. Read this book like savoring fine wine, a little at a time!” ~ George Davlantes Inventor ~ Woodland Hills, CA

“In her latest release, Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs,” Lisa Meriweather has written a truly heartfelt inspiring piece of work filled with shining gems of wisdom.” ~ Anne Loader McGee Author Northridge, CA.

“The customary definition of Ambrosia is Food for the Gods. In this case it is Food from the Gods. This little book offers bountiful wisdom from some of the greatest minds in history – covering many of life’s journeys, trials and tribulations.” ~ Roland M. Koncan, Attorney at Law. Malibu, CA.

“Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs is a lovely treasure of a book, so thoughtfully compiled, and filled with comforting and useful wisdom. It is a source of positive thoughts and upliftment that can be turned to again and again.” ~ Nancy Golden-Clark ~ Murrieta, CA

“I have enjoyed picking up your book from time to time and reading a few quotes. It always seems to be the perfect quote for the moment. These are definitely quotes we can all live by.” ~ S. K. ~ Los Angeles, Ca
“Ambrosia is a compendious collection of words of wisdom, hope and inspiration.” ~ Kathleen Sterling, Ca April 14. 2011 ~ Woodland Hills, CA

A percentage of the proceeds from book sales will go to local homeless shelters. What one reader had to say: “May the gates of heaven open up for you so you can continue to be a blessing in support of homeless shelters.” ~Juana ~ Los Angeles, CA

Angels of Protection: True Angel Stories in the Modern Age

Two long time devotees, Angela Taylor and Rob Jacobs would like to introduce you to our new book – Angels of Protection / True Angel Stories in the Modern Age, published by Creative House Press Int., in Austin, Texas.

Angela and I have written and compiled over thirty-five incredible true stories about angel’s protective powers and love - from times of war to a child’s rescue in a backyard swimming pool; from passing into the next realm to business and finance, and from stories of fathers and sons to an encounter with Saint Michael in Spanish Harlem.

Angels appear in Paramahansa Yogananda’s classic Autobiography of A Yogi, and Rajarsi Janakananda, Gurudeva’s beloved disciple, and successor president of SRF, said, “A Master is like an angel of God.” (From SRF Bulletin for Centers and Meditation Groups, #72, August 1977).

Included are fourteen images that I have created from my art series: Angels of Protection.

This full color limited edition at 10-3/4 “x 8-3/8,” has 75 by world-class graphic designer, my and retails for $24.95. However, an introductory sales price of $21.95 plus sales tax (California residents only) and shipping (when appropriate) is presently being offered.

This color edition can be purchased only from the publisher and the authors. The black and white edition (color covers, black and white inside) is 9”x6” and can be obtained from, Amazon, and

John Maxwell Taylor
Click image for a larger view


John Maxwell Taylor

John Maxwell Taylor has been a devotee since 1967 and lived in Encinitas for 25 years before remarrying and moving to Ohio in 2006 . His book The Power of I Am (North Atlantic Books), now in its fourth printing and four languages, teaches how to stay centered in any social situation, particularly when dealing with people who are tense, or behaving in a negative manner towards us. By using a series of body centered grounding and energy redirecting techniques while dealing with everyday situations, we can transform the static charge often generated in such moments into positive fuel for the soul and self-awareness.

Evolving out of workshops originally called "Secrets of Sociological Aikido", taught for the past 10 years to thousands of people internationally, the techniques and ideas presented support Paramahansa Yogananda's premise that we must learn to "stand unshaken amidst the crash of falling worlds".

In our time of tremendous global upheaval and change, where the tension in society is palpable, meditative individuals sometimes find that as their consciousness expands, they become more sensitive not only to the beauty in life, but also the inharmony in the world. Taylor has found ways to build up a sense of power and connect with the divine presence strongly, no matter where we are or who we are dealing with.

Techniques such as knowing which of the two eyes of a person connects to their "essence" and which to their programming, enable us to draw out the best in almost everyone we meet by looking into their "essence eye". Or, if someone is projecting negativity towards us, be able to look into their "personality eye" in such a way that they sense they are dealing with a power to be reckoned with that is greater than our human selves. In this way it becomes possible to often diffuse potential conflict without saying a word, quickly bring out the best in people, and instead of feeling drained of our life energy, experience a fresh influx of power and presence in the midst of life.

Familiar stories in the book such as "the snake who wouldn't hiss" encourage spiritual seekers of truth not to be doormats but learn to be centered representatives of spiritual principles in the "real world", quietly defusing potential arguments with a look or a reordering of the energy dynamic of tense situations to a positive outcome. This works very well with children, family members, coworkers and complete strangers including rude salespeople etc. The practice automatically shifts those who would be over familiar with us towards better behavior.

The author is best known in America for his award-winning 20 character one-man play "Forever Jung", based on the life Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, and "Crazy Wisdom", an acclaimed Broadway style epic musical based on the life of the controversial Russian mystic Gurdjieff. John Maxwell was a member of the Findorn Foundation, the pioneering spiritual community in Scotland, where he was a member of the performing arts group, developing Transformational Theater presentations. He is also a rock singer and musician who had a career as a pop star in France in the early 60s, later coming to Hollywood and working in recording studios with the great session musicians and producers of the time. He's currently working on a double CD of his latest songs.

To learn more about The Power of I Am and see an introductory video visit, available from Amazon.

email is

Phone is 760 736 7852

Farther Shores: Exploring How Near Death, Kundalini and Mystical Experiences Can Transform Ordinary Lives
Yvonne Kason MD.
iUniverse, 2008.

Farther Shores Book Cover
Farther Shores Book Cover
Click to show larger image

Researching spiritual experiences and their after-effects

A guide to diverse types of spiritual experiences and long-term spiritual transformation of body, mind, and spirit. Written from a multi-faith and yogic perspective.

This inspirational book describes the moving story of how a 1979 airplane crash transformed author Dr. Yvonne Kason’s life forever. Her profound near-death experience launched her on a quest as a medical doctor, to research spiritual experiences that can transform our everyday lives.

The first US publication of this Canadian best-seller, Farther Shores is a synthesis of 25 years of Dr. Kason’s research, personal experiences and the experiences of the thousands of patients she has counseled. She has helped others understand and integrate their extraordinary states of consciousness and the long-term spiritual transformation that often follows. Written from a multi-faith perspective, the book draws deeply from yoga and Christian mystical traditions, along with modern medicine, psychiatry and psychology.

Topics include:

Filled with inspiring case stories, Farther Shores is a practical guide, offering insight and support. Kason offers sound advice and practical suggestions on how to use these extraordinary occurrences for spiritual deepening and personal growth, and discusses the importance of "psycho-spiritual housecleaning".

Kason concludes that all types of spiritual experiences lead to the same conclusion, the same one truth: That we are all spiritual beings having a physical worldly experience; that we are all loved by a Higher Power, omnipresent loving force, or God; and that all true religions are leading us to this one same truth, albeit by slightly different paths.

Yvonne Kason MD is a recognized international expert and Canada‘s foremost authority on near-death and other spiritual experiences. She has been on numerous television and radio shows across Canada and the US. Retired as a family physician and transpersonal psychotherapist in Toronto in 2006, she was as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. She was also the co-founder of the Spirituality in Health-Care Network, a founder of the Kundalini Research Network, and founder of the Spiritual Emergence Research and Referral Clinic. Dr. Kason is a kriyaban and long-time member of SRF.

Available at Amazon.

Where Souls Dream God: Westerners’ Perceptions of Spiritual India by Sundaram La Pierre

You may be interested in my new book, Where Souls Dream God: Westerners’ Perceptions of Spiritual India. It certainly was an inspiration to write, and will be of interest to anyone on the path of Hindu Devotional Mysticism. It will also be of interest to those who are drawn to the great spiritual culture of the holy land of India, and can act as an introduction to Sanatana Dharma, the “Eternal Religion, kept for all the world by the Himalayan sages and great masters." The 17 page glossary is an education in itself.

The book consists of 391 pages and nearly 100 photographs, including previously unreleased photos of Ammachi, Neem Karoli Baba, & Sri Anandamayi Ma. Contributors include kirtan singers, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, & Vaiyasaki Das; Sri Daya Mata, president of Self-Realization Fellowship; Swami Atmarupananda, senior Vedanta Society minister; Swami Mangalananda, of the Sri Anandamayi Ma ashram in Omkareshwar; & many, many more. Also includes 3 wonderful poems about India by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Included is a full-length chanting and devotional music CD, I Love You, India, buy Swami Nirvanananda, the “Singing Monk,” an SRF devotee from Italy.

Click to see the beautiful flier about the book (pdf format)

Visit our Website for more information and to order:

This book is available on Amazon.


Patrice Karst

Patrice Karst
Patrice Karst
Click to show larger image

Patrice Karst Author Bio

Born in London, England, Patrice Karst is a best-selling author of both adult and Children’s books that have been translated worldwide. One of today's most well loved inspirational voices, she offers simple guidance about strengthening our relationship with Spirit/God by combining her study of global spiritual practices with a powerful, forthright and down-to-earth style.

Using her unique blend of humor, honesty and audience interaction she shares her message of hope, love and comfort to appreciative audiences everywhere. Motivating people of all faiths and walks of life to connect with God (that which is called by many different names) and find their own sense of spiritual strength. Her work touches children and adults alike. Love and the needs of the heart are something Karst understands well. She has made a literary career out of addressing in warm and humorous prose the issues that tickle or trouble our souls, both spiritually and practically. Her fans delight in the truth of her promise and ability to “always keep it real.”

A “seeker” and spiritual student since childhood, her quest culminated in the writing of her first best selling book God Made Easy. Hers is a miraculous story.

On the morning of November 11th, 1995, she was woken from a dream and an Inner voice “told her” to write her first book. She did it in an hour and signed a publishing deal 3 weeks later!

Her other books include The Single Mother’s Survival Guide, The Invisible String and The Smile That Went Around the World (partnered with Operation Smile-a portion of all profits support this global children’s charity!).

Her books have the respect of her peers and have been praised by the likes of John Gray (Men are from Mars-Women are from Venus), Barbara DeAngelis (Real Moments), Larry Dossey M.D. (Prayer is Good Medicine), and Dannion Brinkley (Saved by the Light) among many others. She has been featured on hundreds of television and radio shows across the country including MSNBC, CBS, C-SPAN, ABC News, The Early Show, Fox News and has written for and been featured nationwide magazines and newspapers including, McCall’s, Woman's Day, Science of Mind, Time Magazine, Whole Life Times, Vision and The Philadelphia Enquirer.
Available at Amazon.

Patrice lives in Los Angeles, where she runs spirituality groups/ private sessions at renowned residential rehab/recovery centers in Malibu and is the president of Just Love Productions- producing her first feature film THE SEEKER. Patrice is also the founder of her global non-profit 501c3 The Just Love Project.

New Books

I would love to let other SRF devotees about my two very special children's books
The Invisible String and The Smile that Went Around the World.

These books have deep universal spiritual concepts for children.

The Invisible String explains to children how we are all connected by Invisible Strings made out of LOVE and has been a huge source of comfort when dealing with any sense of loss, fears, or separation issues. It is in it's 7th printing and is quickly becoming regarded as a classic children's book! Another cool thing is that adults are buying it for each other. ( spouses, adult children for their parents and vice verse!)

Available at Amazon.

The Smile that Went Around the World - empowers children to realize just how important and inpactful a smile is. The little boy in the story does an act of kindness that sparks a chain reaction of Smiles that go around the world and come back to the same boy just when he needs it most. I am partnered with the huge global children's charity Operation Smile and a portion of all proceeds from this book go to support them in sending more smiles around the world!

Available at Amazon.

They are available in bookstores or Amazon or my website-- here are the links The Invisible String (9780875167343): Patrice Karst, Geoff Stevenson: Books The Smile That Went Around the World (9780875168272): Patrice Karst, Jana Christy: Books

Press release for The Invisible String
Press release for The Smile that Went Around the World

Just Love™
Patrice Karst
Just Love Productions
P.O. Box 8335
Calabasas, CA 91372

Patrice Karst

Wellness CD by Rob Jacobs

I would like to introduce all of you to a CD that I wrote and produced on the subject of Panic Disorder and anxiety. It is called, “From Flight to Might / My Experiences With and Recovery from Panic Attacks, Depression and Insomnia.”

In this world, thousands, if not millions, suffer from panic and anxiety. This CD presentation describes my experiences, from the inception of panic attacks, through a period of depression, to an unbelievable year of basically NO sleep, and finally, with the help of two compassionate chiropractic physicians, both long time devotees of Master, the holistic process leading to recovery and peace.

This CD presently sells for $14.50. However, if any money issues exist for anyone, I will be happy to send it for any amount - just the costs of shipping will be okay. The main goal is to present my story in the hope that it will benefit others going through these difficult issues.

Just contact me through my email address:

My best and blessings to all. In Guruji, Rob

Ask and You Will Succeed

NY Times Best Selling Authors like Steven Covey, Marci Shimoff, Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Nichols, Debbie Ford, Harry Paul, Bill Bartmann, Peggy McColl, Gay Hendricks, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, Robert Allen, Garrett B. Gunderson and Jack Canfield agree: Ask and You Will SUCCEED is one of these highly uncommon books that moves people!

In this life-enhancing guide like no other, you will learn how to end your start-stop patterns and solve any problem, any time, any place, by asking the right questions at the right time.

Ask and You Will Succeed is based on the commanding questions that govern the creative laws of success, and shatters the myth that success is the result of the advice, hard work, or driving ambition of others.

As a master coach and an acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence with in-depth knowledge in creating sustainable personal and business success, I am committed to the success of each and every one of you.

In 2003, I released the first version of Ask and You Will Succeed, which quickly achieved bestseller status. Now, today my new book is being released again, updated with new information and insights, and my signature powerful method of using questions to uncover the hidden truths in your life.

"Ask and You Will Succeed is based on the controlling principles that establish permanent and lasting gains in life. It's about finding your own way to realizing your full potential."
-Barnet Meltzer M.D.

The Return

The Return is a novel about two sisters who return to where their parents were murdered thirty years ago, to find out the truth of what happened. The perpetrator is dead, but will those who were with him talk? Lydia, a yoga teacher, and Margie, a new divorcee, are sometimes at odds. Lydia feels her mother's spirit asking 'why?' Margie abhors such notions. But as they get involved in the Quaker community surprising things happen.

The book can be purchased at or directly from the author, Margaret Guthrie, 1411 Cedar Lane, Estes Park, CO 80517. Price is $15 plus $1.50 shipping.

SRF readers find this novel inspiring and easily recognize the SRF themes. Karma and reincarnation are given a prominent place, as well as a view of the after-life. There is some mystery, and thoughtful commentaries on war, concientious objectors, and truth. Some find the book hard to put down. At the same time others find the metaphysical themes disturbing. The Return would make a good bookclub discussion with its various themes.

Some of the feedback I've been getting include "I feel inspired by the interwoven spiritual thoughts, Master's themes and your energy which I feel. I'm intrigued by the mystery and an intelligent inquiry into war..." "I couldn't put the book down, and that was the problem."

Available from Amazon.

Awakening Curry Buckle and False Harbor

Awakening Curry Buckle Cover Michael Donnelly
PO Box 1128
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Awakening Curry Buckle

Two tenth-grade boys on a Northwest island find adventure and swami-like wisdom by deciphering the secrets of an ancient Tibetan amulet.

"A novel for the 'young in mind'...a breathtaking mystery / detective story of psychic abilities, corrupt politics, and wrestling with life's deep issues. A skillful, profound, yet entertaining take on what it means to be a young adult today and always." -Margaret Doyle, author of FISHERMAN'S QUILT ISBN 1-59092-226-3. Available at Amazon.

False Harbor

Chisel thou my life... A cryptic symbol drives sculptor Anton Gropius to despair. Aiding the reclusive genius, Friday Harbor journalist (and spiritual seeker) Egret VanGerpin steps between a masterpiece and a murderous compulsion.

Available from Amazon.

"Five Stars. It's a rare pleasure to read such a polished debut. Seek out False Harbor; it's one of the year's best mysteries." -Hidden Staircase Mysterious Reviews ISBN 1-59092-129-1

Both novels can be ordered through independent bookstores in the Western US (distributed by Partners/West) or through

Touched by Truth: A Contemporary Hindu Anthology.
by Jael Bharat

Touched By The Truth CoverThis fully illustrated book, edited and compiled by a kriyaban and her husband, offers a unique
collection of personal reflections celebrating the ways Hindu wisdom has helped people. Through personal, often moving and enriching stories, the 22 contributors (2
of them SRF devotees) - from UK, USA, Canada, India, Nepal and Singapore, from academic, spiritual, cultural and educational backgrounds - share lessons about life and love. Added are wisdom and teaching from great Hindu sages (including Master), ancient and modern.

All royalties from this book go to Hindu humanitarian, educational and spiritual charities, especially The Loomba Trust, helping to educate the children of widows in India.

Hinduism offers potent insights on religious pluralism, non-violence and peaceful living, panaceas for our troubled world. This
book aims to contribute to the process of community bridge-building through these uplifting and illuminating reflections.

PDF Leaflet (518KB)

For more information and to buy copies: Available at Amazon.

The Great Year DVD and >The Lost Star Book - of Myth and Time

Fascinating narrative to support Sri Yukteswar's explanation of the 24,000 year cycle of the yugas and the dual star concept.

The Lost Star Book is available at Supreme Swan and Amazon.

The Great Year DVD, available at Supreme Swan and Amazon.

Also: The Great Year Adventures (children's book), available from Supreme Swan and Amazon.

The Twilight Ride of the Pink Fairy
by Mary Anne Demeritt - Illustrated by Ellen Daniel

Check it out and order here: or available from Amazon.

Mind Like Water The 24 strategies in the book are for building a "mind like water"-or the ability, as Master says, to be "calmly active, actively calm." Like WHAT'S THE RUSH?, it is spiritually based and quotes the guru frequently. (Available at Amazon).

Whale Done! It uses a story to help people (primarily leaders such as parents and business managers) value the strategy of "catching people doing things right." (Available at Amazon).

What's the Rush? is in part a commentary on the speedup of life over almost 7 decades I had observed it, and a sort of survival handbook for approaching the 21st century.
Circletime, Why?

"Little Wave and Old Swell"

The story treats a variety of spiritual themes, including the guru-disciple relationship, reincarnation, meditation, hearing the Om, and confronting death. Children of all ages will enjoy and learn from this gentle tale; it also makes an appropriate gift to someone in bereavement. Available at Supreme Swan and Amazon.

by Jim Ballard

Articles by Jim in Self-Realization Magazine

"The Hero's journey of Spirit"
Summer 1995
Applies stages of the Hero myth to daily life.

"Life Is But A Dream"
Spring 1997
About the dream nature of the world, and how to live it as a dream.

"Why Is This So Difficult?"
Summer 2003
How to use life's troubles to grow on the path.

123 Maplewood Circle, Amherst, MA 01002
Phone: 413-549-1677
Fax: 413-549-6423

Little Star BookLittle Star's Journey

Margareta Gannon

A devotee-written and illustrated book of Master's healing love.

The Little Star's Journey is a healing metaphor of hope and love for those of Master's disciples who endure struggles and difficulties. This story helps the devotee feel Master's soothing arms around them, comforting and healing. Written and illustrated by a long-time devotee.

Available at Supreme Swan and Amazon.

"I experienced a profound inner healing during my first reading of 'The Little Star's Journey,' Natalie. I reread it whenever I lose sight of Master and the goal. Words can never express my gratitude to you for writing this extraordinary book, which is my second favorite after 'Autobiography of a Yogi.' God bless you richly. -G. N.

A Testimony of Love and Devotion
by Mary Peck Stockton, a direct disciple

Stories of meeting Paramahansa Yogananda with her mother.

Available at Amazon.

TootleTown Tales - Stories For Children
by Mary Peck Stockton

Bill McDonald

The Collected Poetry of Bill McDonald
The Vietnam Experience, hosted by Bill McDonald
In The Shadow of the Blade

Sylvia Wave Carberry


Book of Poetry: Finding God's Footprints

Sylvia Wave Carberry, an SRF member for 32 years, has crafted simple lyric poems, and traditional and modern verse using everyday situations and characters in such a way that the underlying divine reality shines through. Her poems fall into categories such as:

The final section, Stories from Home, includes inspirations and experiences arising from meditation.

Mail order only at present. Send a check or money order for $14.95 each to:

Sylvia Wave Carberry
5920 Jordan Ave.
El Cerrito, CA 94530

A portion of proceeds will be donated to SRF/YSS.

Also available from Amazon.

Wisdom's Blossoms by Doug Glener and Sarat Komaragiri

Tales of the Saints of India

Available from Amazon.

Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

Bakti is an and Seller

Success Journal, and the book 21 Day Countdown To Success

by Chris Witting

Available at Amazon.

Sunbelt Publications
1250 Fayette Street
El Cajon, CA 92020
Diana Lindsay

Sunbelt Publications produces and distributes natural science and outdoor guidebooks, regional histories and reference books, multi-language pictorials, and stories that celebrate the land and its people. We distribute books to the major chain bookstores, outdoor retailers, and independent and specialty booksellers. Our publishing program can also assist those who want to publish their own books.

From The Path - Verses On The Mystic Journey

Bill Simpson, long-time Hollywood Temple devotee has just written and published his first book entitled "From The Path - Verses On The Mystic Journey".

It's a collection of poems that he has written about his experiences with Spirit. The book can be ordered from all major book stores or online retail sites or directly from The Conscious Living Foundation.

"Bill Simpson s new book, From the Path, which I have read, and is a beautiful book of spiritual poetry. I am always inspired by writing that moves me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. "

William W. Simpson
Director of The Conscious Living Foundation
Author of From The Path

The Unintentional Healing of Soul

by Lindsay Boyd

I have just self-published part three of my healing and reconciliation trilogy. Based on the premise that healing signifies new life, Thanks Be to the World details the story of Larry, a film actor from Scotland, who embarks on a yearlong trip during which he revisits some of the locations of the films he has made. or contact the author direct.

Healing and reconciliation, Mayan lore, Eastern spiritual thought, civil strife in Guatemala and volunteering in the third world are some of the elements of Lindsay Boyd's The Unintentional Healing of Soul.

" Earlier this year I self-published a novel entitled The Unintentional Healing of Soul. Healing and reconciliation, Mayan lore, Eastern spirituality, civil strife in Latin America and volunteering in the third world are some of the elements of the book. The novel can also be ordered online or, for those residing in the United States and Canada, direct from me. Please contact: ("

The second part of a trilogy of novels dealing with the themes of healing and reconciliation, Proper Respect for a Wound examines the consequences that can arise when feelings of perceived hurt and woundedness are taken too far, thus leading to the inevitable rejection of offers of healing.

Healing and reconciliation, Mayan lore, Eastern spiritual thought, civil strife in Guatemala and volunteering in the third world are some of the elements of Lindsay Boyd's The Unintentional Healing of Soul. Order online: or direct from the author.

Available from Amazon.

Jai Guru,
Lindsay Boyd

Cooking With Swami Yogananda


When Paramahansa Yogananda first issued his Yogoda lessons, each lesson contained a delicious and yummy recipe. The lessons also contained extensive information about vitamins, nutrition, food for healing, and about food and their pranic energy. These Yogoda lessons were later used to create the current SRF lessons, however all this material and recipes were not included in the new lessons. Paramahansaji opened two cafes: the Encinitas Cafe, and the Hollywood Temple cafe, called India Hall (mentioned in the Autobiography of a Yogi). These two cafes cooked delicious meals using the recipes which were in the Yogoda lessons. Eventually, the Encinitas Cafe and India Hall cafe were closed. The Self-Realization Fellowship still uses the recipes today in their ashrams. If you have gone on a pilgrimage to the Temples during Convocation, you know how delicious and yummy the food is that they serve. Many devotees wish they could have a copy of these recipes to use at home.This is exactly what you will find here.

Available from Amazon.

Atlantis Sinking
by Ed Sharrow

It was the end of the world. It felt like the end of time." Atlantis Sinking is a fantasy love story set in the end days of Atlantis. The setting is partially based on the concepts of the Yugas which have been mentioned by both Sri Yukteswar and Tara Mata.

There is a fun "Are you from Atlantis?" quiz page on the book website.

In the more distant future, I plan to write a philosophical book about the ages of mankind (the Yugas). I hope to share more about what we can manifest NOW in this Bronze Age (Dwapara Yuga).

Available from Amazon.